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Authenticity analysis of lemon juices concerning the adulteration with lime

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Adulterations of fruit juices with foreign fruits are always in the public focus, therefore the proof of fruit juices’ authenticity is unavoidable. The intention of manipulation is mainly to compensate shortages of raw material or to simulate a higher quality. Due to recent past, the following article deals with the adulteration of lemon juices and concentrates with lime. Since lemon juice and concentrate are currently much more expensive on the world market than lime juice and concentrate, a high price for a non-authentic product can be easily achieved by the addition of quite low amount of lime juice. Therefore, it is up to the chemical laboratories to provide methods which evaluate the authenticity of lemon juices and even support with a statement about the amount of added lime.

7 pages
Authors: Dr N. Lehnert, Dr V. Ara
Published in FRUIT PROCESSING 6/2014