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Sugars and starch in kiwifruit products


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In Italy the cultivation of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) is undoubtedly an important economic resource within the domestic fruit production. With its 430 thousand tons of annual production, Italy ranks amongst the top world producers of kiwifruit. In kiwifruit, glucose and fructose account for 98 % of total sugar; sucrose and maltose are present in low concentrations or trace levels, while starch is contained in moderate amounts, especially in the early stages of kiwi ripening. As reported in the literature, for fresh fruit and purées a glucose/fructose ratio below 1 is an index of authenticity.

8 pages
Authors: E. Cocconi, A. Trifiró, A. Zanotti, C. Zoni, R. Fragni, M. Müller
Published in FRUIT PROCESSING 4/2013