FRUIT PROCESSING 3/2016 May/June is available!

The running issue FRUIT PROCESSING 3/2016 May/June is available with...
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The Coca-Cola Company Announces New International Structure, Promotes Key Leaders

The Coca-­Cola Company today announced a new streamlined international structure to better align its...
category: News

Soda Industry Fails To Stop Sugar Law

Soda pop manufacturers will be forced to include warnings about the potential dangers of their products on...
category: News

Stanford Scientists Make Renewable Plastic From Carbon Dioxide And Plants

Stanford scientists have discovered a novel way to make plastic from carbon dioxide (CO2) and inedible plant...
category: News

Smurfit Kappa Has Expanded Its Pouch-Up Range Thanks To The Use Of New Filling Technologies

In collaboration with Pressade/France, number 3 of non-­chilled fruit juices and specialist of fruit juices for the whole family, Smurfit Kappa Bag-­in-­Box offers a...
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The Power Of The Olive For Beauty Beverages: Doehler Launches Olive Leaf Extract

Olives have always been valued by both consumers and the food industry for their healthy ingredients. The fruits are also known for...
category: News

Silk Keeps Fruit Fresh Without Refrigeration

Half of the world's fruit and vegetable crops are lost during the food supply chain, due mostly to...
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2016/2017 Crop Estimate Announced By Fundecitrus – PES Project

Fundecitrus announced the results of the Projeto Estimativa de Safra (Crop Estimate Project -­ PES) with total number of...
category: News

Eckes-Granini Acquires Danish Juice Producer Rynkeby From Arla

Eckes-­Granini Group GmbH, the international corporate group specialized in non-­alcoholic fruit beverages under the umbrella of Eckes AG, announced the acquisition of...
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5 Reasons For Advertising 2016 In FRUIT PROCESSING

No covarage dispersion: FRUIT PROCESSING is published for the beverage and fruit processing industry. Our reader work exactly for your target companies.
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