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Flavours & Ingredients 26.09.2019

New ideas for sugar-free milk drinks

At this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, Hydrosol is focusing on sugar-reduced milk beverages.

New ideas for sugar-free milk drinks and plant-based trend products
(Photo: Hydrosol)

At this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, Hydrosol is focusing on sugar-reduced milk beverages.

Less sugar, same enjoyment

Given the worrying increase in obesity around the globe, reducing the amount of sugar in foods and beverages is a major issue worldwide. More and more governments are demanding low sugar products or introducing sugar taxes. But sugar isn’t just a matter of taste. It also gives products body, texture and a pleasant mouth feel. These are the effects that Hydrosol’s individual stabilising and texturing systems address. They are suitable for many different applications – yogurt, drinking yogurt, pudding, refreshing fruity drinks, energy drinks, ketchup, whippable plant cream with reduced sugar content, and more. Natural flavourings round out the flavour profile. Hydrosol’s sister company OlbrichtArom, also exhibiting at Gulfood, offers its SugarBooster for reduced-sugar products. This natural flavouring amplifies the delicate taste profile of the final product without influencing its characteristic flavour.

New to the product range are stabilising systems for very diverse milk mixed beverages, from conventional varieties like cocoa, vanilla and strawberry to trendy flavours like cappuccino, walnut and pistacio. These proven systems are offered in a carrageenan version, which enables stable products without high-pressure homogenisation, as well as in an alternative version with gellan. This lets milk beverages be filled at high temperatures, up to 40°C. The stabilising systems in the Stabiprime MFD Range are soluble in water as well as in sweet whey. They can be used for the manufacture of sugar-reduced as well as low-fat or lactose-free milk beverages. High-protein milk drinks are also possible.

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