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The past couple of years have seen an increased number of companies breaking into the hard seltzer market with new launches, says GlobalData. However, the leading data and analytics company found that new innovations are needed to remain competitive and engage with the 53 %* of U.S. consumers who are worried about their health.

Chloe Gbadero, Senior Beverages Analyst at GlobalData comments: “Hard seltzers tend to be popular with millennials, as low-calorie and zero sugar alcoholic beverages are continuing to gain traction in light of growing consumer health trends. However, it can be difficult for people with health conditions such as diabetes to navigate and engage in this trend, as they are limited due to their blood sugar level concerns.”

The XED beverage company has introduced its first product – a new cocktail/seltzer brand, SESH, which helps diabetic consumers to keep their blood sugar at appropriate levels. The cocktail-seltzer contains no sugar with only 120 calories a can, placing it at the healthier end of the seltzer market. This product, though specifically marketed at diabetics, will appeal to the wider consumer base. In fact, GlobalData’s survey reveals that 44 % of US consumers are trying to reduce their sugar intake, while 40 % say the same for calories.

Gbadero continues: “By positioning the product as diabetic-friendly, the brand is also making a statement. SESH has the potential to transform the market to be more inclusive of health conditions or disabilities – as seen in other areas such as braille on packaging. ‘Unseen’ disabilities also need to be acknowledged by consumer brands.”

The launch of SESH adheres to XED’s mission statement of bringing a guilt and stress-free beverage to the seltzer market for all consumers. Now celiacs, diabetics, athletes and all health conscious individuals can indulge in an alcoholic beverage without having to compromise or feel excluded. GlobalData’s survey reveals that 17 %* of the US population reportedly have an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, that puts them at risk of COVID, suggesting a sizeable market for health-specific and inclusive products.

Gbadero concludes: “With the hard seltzer market forecast to demonstrate more growth in the coming years, companies would benefit from looking into creating inclusive seltzers, which would not only increase their target market, but also maximise their consumer impact.”

*GlobalData’s Q4 2021 Consumer Survey, The U.S.