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Selecta, Europe’s leading route-based, self-service FoodTech provider, and Vitamin Well, a leading provider of functional beverages and protein bars, announce an exciting collaboration across European markets.

Embarking on a dynamic partnership, Selecta and Vitamin Well have joined forces to offer a selection of healthier and great-tasting offerings, enriching Selecta’s vending Solution globally. In this venture, Vitamin Well’s vitamin water and Barebells protein bars take center stage, aiming to provide consumers with better alternatives on-the-go.

Vitamin Well has a range of distinct great-tasting flavours, all non-carbonated, low-calorie, and enriched with versatile combinations of vitamins and minerals. The beverage comes in bottles made of 100 percent recycled plastics. Vitamin Well is the market leader in Sweden and has become a consumer favourite in many other European markets.

Vitamin Well also provides Barebells, protein-enriched snacks that never compromise on flavour or texture. Barebells’ wide range of protein bars is available in 40 markets around the world and has quickly assumed a leading position in several countries. Through Selecta’s leading self-service machines, the brand’s iconic Original Protein Bars will be available to consumers on-the-go all over Europe.

Jens van Beusekom CPO at Selecta Group commented: “We strongly believe in fostering collaboration with Vitamin Well and Barebells as the brands have earned widespread popularity worldwide. We are thrilled to introduce a range of nutritional snacks that cater to the needs of our young on-the-go consumers.”

Joost Kroeb, Head of International Accounts at Vitamin Well, added: “Selecta has a unique position on the market, both when it comes to international spread and number of locations. As such, this cooperation will increase consumer awareness of Vitamin Well and Barebells both in our mature markets and markets where we see great potential going forward.”

The partnership covers products in Selecta solutions all over Europe, as well as point-of-sale marketing on the machines to increase awareness of the new offerings.

Selecta and Vitamin Well look forward to a successful partnership that reshapes the vending landscape, bringing healthier and better-tasting alternatives to consumers in the public-, private-, and semi-public sectors, delighting consumers in major European cities, airports, train stations and more.