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Following the continued success of Tango’s rotational flavour series Tango Editions, Britvic is bringing its latest ‘Edition’, Tango Mango, to shelves and chillers this February. Tango Editions combine bold tastes, liquids and pack designs to produce striking products that stand out on shelves and in chillers. Succeeding Tango’s popular Paradise Punch flavour, this latest rotation is set to meet the demand for Mango flavoured drinks, giving shoppers more sugar-free options without compromising on taste.

Tango has more than doubled in sales in the last three years1, now worth over £96m RSV, and is still in double digit growth (+ 24 %).2 The brand’s successful rotational flavour series has seen Tango Paradise Punch become the number one flavoured fruit carbonate new product development of 20233, now worth over £13.6m RSV,4 with the year before seeing Tango Berry Peachy crowned the number one fruit flavoured carbonate new product development of 20225. What’s more, following its launch last June, Tango Apple Sugar Free is now worth £23.5m RSV6. These results demonstrate the brand’s well-placed position to grow the fruit flavoured carbonates category further with its latest flavour, particularly with mango flavoured drinks in double digit growth versus last year (+ 26 %).7

Ben Parker, Britvic’s Retail Commercial Director in Great Britain, said: “Our next big flavour launch, Tango Mango, drives appeal among new and existing Tango fans, generating additional sales opportunities for retailers. We understand retailers don’t have infinite space for new products, but the Tango Editions range has already proven to drive additional sales, and the rotational change seasonally maintains excitement and engagement with the brand. In addition, Tango Mango aims to attract a broader range of shoppers including Gen Z and families, expanding sales opportunities for retailers. Innovating in the fruit flavoured carbonates category will always be important to Tango – with new and exciting sugar free flavours, which play on the brand’s bold, fun tone and personality, helping to increase consumer purchases.”

Tango Mango is the latest sugar free flavour from Britvic, with the company’s continued innovation and reformulation programmes meaning an average of just 22 calories per 250 ml serve across its drinks portfolio globally. All activity is enabling the company to offer consumers healthier choices as part of its long-term Healthier People sustainability strategy.

Available from 1 February for 12 months, the fruit flavoured carbonate will be available to enjoy in formats to be consumed at home or on the go, helping retailers to tap into this market and drive soft drink sales with a popular flavour. The latest Edition is expected to be another success following consumer research8 and features a bold, modern pack design that is sure to catch shoppers’ attention and encourage them to Get Tango’d. The flavour will be available in a variety of formats: 330 ml can, 500 ml bottle, 2 litre bottles, 8 can multipack and 24 can multipack. The launch of Mango Tango will be supported by social media and influencer activity to increase awareness.

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Louis Dreyfus Company B.V. announced the successful development of a new product made from not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice, presenting a 30 % reduction in natural sugar content and more than triple dietary fiber content, while preserving original taste (Brix value) and vitamin C level.

Further to a five-year research effort by the Group’s in-house R&D laboratory team of food engineers, chemists and biotechnologists in Bebedouro, São Paulo State, Brazil, LDC has developed a successful process to reduce sugar content in orange juice, in line with the company’s commitment to offer nutritious, high-quality juices that address growing consumer demand.

“Complementing our extensive portfolio of juices and ingredients from Brazilian-grown citrus fruits, this new product represents another positive step in LDC’s strategy to diversify revenue through value-added products, including specialty ingredients and products like this one,” said Juan José Blanchard, LDC’s Global Head of Juice. “Leveraging our global network and partnerships, LDC aims to bring this new product to the global market in collaboration with leading beverage industry players, contributing to the advent of healthy, nutritious juice product options that respond to consumer expectations, while continuing to invest in R&D activities targeting further reductions in sugar content.”

Although commercial roll-out is initially focused on Asia Pacific, with an initial launch planned in early 2023 in China, the new product is available to industry customers worldwide, including in Europe, North America and South America, where the Group sees growing consumer demand for healthy, nutritious, great-tasting diet options.

As Ocean Spray continues to focus on health and wellness, the new beverage aims to feature roughly 40 % less sugar while still delivering a delicious, classic taste

As part of Ocean Spray’s commitment to bringing healthy and delicious products to the market, the agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 farmer families has announced a partnership with Amai Proteins in an effort to incorporate healthy, sweet proteins into the product portfolio. Through joint development agreements, Ocean Spray and Amai Proteins plan to develop cranberry juice with at least a 40 % sugar reduction, offering consumers more ways to incorporate the cranberry into a healthier lifestyle.

Amai Proteins’ innovative sugar-reduction solution is a hyper-sweet protein that is thousands of times sweeter than sugar. Through computational protein design, Amai Proteins has redesigned sweet proteins to fit the requirements of the market including temperature and acid stability for better shelf-life, great taste and affordable cost. The resulting designer proteins are 100 % protein, and expected to be a healthy, tasty sweetening solution.

Ocean Spray is partnering with Amai Proteins in this ground-breaking designer protein research to continue to provide great tasting and lower caloric solutions for people worldwide, leveraging the best that technology has to offer.  The reduced sugar cranberry juice offering will continue to extend Ocean Spray’s tradition of bringing good tasting and healthful products to consumers without compromising the goodness and bold taste of the cranberry.

Additionally, Ocean Spray and Amai Proteins are excited to continue their partnership to develop and apply learnings to additional Ocean Spray products in the future.  This is a significant milestone for Ocean Spray and the beverage industry.  Many other companies are working to remove sugar and maintain taste but tend to fall short on flavor.

“Ocean Spray is proud to partner with Amai Proteins to bring consumers additional options for changing habits and lifestyles,” said Katy Latimer, VP of Research and Development at Ocean Spray. “We will continue to develop options that showcase the incredible health benefits of the cranberry while highlighting our commitment to health and wellness.”

“Amai Proteins offers the sweetest protein in the world as a tasty and healthy significant sugar reduction solution,” said Ilan Samish, CEO of Amai Proteins. “We are excited to be working with Ocean Spray in bringing our sweet proteins to the iconic cranberry cooperative as a healthy option for consumers to enjoy their favorite cranberry flavor.”

About Ocean Spray
Founded in 1930, Ocean Spray is a vibrant agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry farmers in the United States, Canada and Chile who have helped preserve the family farming way of life for generations. The Cooperative’s cranberries are currently featured in more than a thousand great-tasting, nutritious products in over 100 countries worldwide. Leading by purpose, Ocean Spray is committed to the power of good—creating good, nutritious food that has a direct and powerful impact for the health of people and planet. All for good. Good for all.

About Amai Proteins
Amai Proteins fixes our food system one protein at a time. The first line of products are hyper-sweet designer proteins that are healthy, tasty, and affordable thus enabling significant sugar reduction without compromising taste.  Amai (means ‘sweet’ in Japanese) fits proteins to the mass food market by learning how life adapted to extreme environments. Such adaptation mechanisms are applied via computational protein design followed by environmentally-friendly and sustainable production in a brewery using yeast or other microorganisms. The resulting GMO-free delicious protein is inspired by sweet proteins that sweeten exotic fruits found along the equatorial belt. Market launch is expected in 2022.