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The IFU Methods of Analysis Commission have completed and published a new recommendation R20, which is available to access for members via the IFU website selecting the top menu bar “Methods of Analysis”.

Dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC, trade name Velcorin®) is used for the cold sterilization of beverages. The use in juices is approved for selected countries such as USA, Mexico, Brazil or Australia and New Zealand. In the EU and according to the Codex Standard the use as a food additive in juices is not listed. DMDC is degraded quickly after application and therefore it is not directly detectable in the finished product. It’s detection can only be carried out indirectly via analysis for its decomposition products which in an aqueous matrix are compounds that may be seen in soft drinks. These components (MeOH & CO2) are only conditionally suitable for a clear detection of its use. In the presence of methanol or ethanol, small amounts of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) or ethyl methyl carbonate (EMC) are also produced. These two compounds can be used as indirect proof of treatment of a product with DMDC. This recommendation reviews the detection method.