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Scalable QIF 400L High Pressure Processing system offers up to 25 % boost in load efficiency in compact footprint

Quintus Technologies introduced the newest generation High Pressure Processing (HPP) system to meet the productivity needs of medium to large food and beverage processors.

Scalable from 4000 lbs. to 7000 lbs. (1800 kg to 3200 kg) per hour, the modular QIF 400L features a diameter vessel of 18.5 inches (47 cm), the largest available in the industry, for increased versatility and lower per unit production cost. Its compact footprint of 700 sq. ft. (70 m2) is designed for streamlined installation and robust operation, with fewer moving parts for less wear and an algorithm-based condition monitoring system that reduces the risk of unplanned stops.

“With its 18.5-inch diameter vessel, the QIF 400L represents a potential capacity increase of nearly 25 % per load over 15-inch diameter vessels,” says Ed Williams, General Manager – Americas, Quintus Technologies. “This significant increase provides greater flexibility to accommodate large or bulk packaging, which is especially key for manufacturers who distribute through mass or wholesale merchandising channels. This in turn reduces labor costs, packaging expense, and the cost to produce per kilo, pound, or liter.”

The QIF 400L is the second model in the Quintus HPP line-up, following the launch of the QIF 150L press in September 2021. This new-generation family incorporates advanced features like frequency-controlled motor drives for energy conservation; “SmartPress” cloud-based press management software; and easy access to all components requiring regular maintenance or inspection. The wire wound pressure vessel design of Quintus food presses is widely acknowledged to be the safest, most reliable, and durable pressure containment system ever invented.

Quintus press offerings are accompanied by the industry’s best-in-class HPP service program, Quintus® Care, a customised service solution that ensures operational reliability, maximum performance, controlled annual costs, and long- term partnership. Application support is available at the company’s HPP Application Centers in the U.S., Sweden, and China, where food science experts help processors reduce delays in bringing new HPP products to market. The menu of services spans the entire HPP development process, from optimised product formulations and packaging, in-house pathogen validation, and shelf-life studies to assistance with HACCP implementation and regulatory compliance and optimising processing parameters for maximum ROI.

High Pressure Processing is recognised globally as the premium, non-thermal minimal-processing technique that enables the production of safer, preservative-free refrigerated foods and beverages with superior nutritional benefits and taste.