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The first impression always counts! When it comes to buying food and beverages an appealing color and appetizing appearance are indispensable. Color not only indicates freshness, quality and a delicious taste. In the age of social media consumers also place high value on vibrant food to make their Instagram and Facebook feeds colorful. Pink burger buns, green popcorn or purple smoothies are only the beginning. At the same time, consumers focus more than ever on healthy nutrition. Additives and E numbers are simply not accepted anymore. EXBERRY® by GNT, one of the global market leaders in Coloring Foods, will be at FoodTech Barcelona from 8 to 11 May with its all-natural colors from fruit and vegetables. At stand 712, the brand’s experts will provide advice, inspiring ideas and support food and beverage manufacturers in fulfilling consumer demands.

“Color is one of, if not the most important buying criterion for food and beverages, today. Manufacturers need to be aware of the latest trends to make their products succeed on the shelf”, says Carla Compte, Country Sales Manager GNT Iberia S.L. “Our market trend analysis shows that 2018 is the year for purple! It is an ideal color shade to attract attention and to deliver inspiring food and beverage that meet the needs of consumers.” The EXBERRY® portfolio offers more than 400 shades of intense and stable colors. They are suitable for all types of applications and meet the highest quality expectations and standards.

EXBERRY® experts will be available at stand 712 to provide insights into recent color trends, advise on the application of Coloring Foods and explain the quick and easy transition process from additives to Coloring Foods. The booth will also demonstrate the concept “from farm to fork” – the complete vertical integration of the EXBERRY® supply chain which guarantees best quality, year-round availability and stable prices. A supermarket area with many applications will further show how they support a clean label. During live demonstrations, visitors will have the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of Coloring Foods and taste trendy purple smoothies.