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Proactive health concerns are at the forefront of purchasing decisions across all generations, according to Kerry, one of the world’s leading taste and nutrition companies.

Kerry research shows that consumers in all age groups are interested in food and beverages with functional benefits – with demand for immune support, joint health and digestive health particularly high.1

The insights are contained in the company’s new eBook, ‘Functional Health Benefits for Every Generation’, which highlights growing proactivity around nutrition and the expansion in markets for products targeting specific life stages and other demographic categories, such as gender.

It explores the needs of three groups in particular:

  • Millennial parents: Millennials, who are now parents to around half of children in the US, are particularly likely to carry out extensive research ahead of purchases.
  • Young actives: Focus areas for Generation Z consumers and younger millennials include athletic performance, education and work. They have a holistic approach to wellness and are interested in benefits such as improved sleep.
  • Older adults: As consumers enter their 40s and 50s their focus shifts, with greater emphasis on physical and cognitive health.
  • The research also found that demographic factors affect demand for benefits in particular applications. For example, for consumers in the older millennial category and upwards, tea and coffee are popular platforms for immune support.2

John Quilter, Kerry’s VP of ProActive Health, said: “Across all age ranges, consumers are now looking for functional benefits from their favorite food and beverages. However, it’s also true that different groups often have different needs, so an understanding of the importance of demographic factors like age and activity level can help manufacturers create on-trend products. For example, manufacturers should use functional ingredients that are supported by research as well as appealing to children’s tastes to win over millennial parents.”

The eBook also highlights the range of value that Kerry offers its customers through collaborative go-to-market support. This includes proprietary market insights, access to a team of more than 1000 scientists, nutritionists, product formulation experts and marketers around the world. It features case studies where partners have formulated with ingredients from the ProActive Health portfolio to create innovative functional products.

Download the eBook by clicking here.

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