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Latest addition to PlantGuard™ portfolio to debut at FiE 2022

Prinova Europe is launching a potent new plant-based antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of yeasts, moulds and bacteria, addressing the increasing demand for natural preservatives.

PlantGuard™ AM is the latest addition to the company’s botanical-derived range of preservatives, which enable manufacturers to use natural clean-label solutions to minimise food waste. The portfolio will make its first live show appearance at Food ingredients Europe (6-8 December) in Paris.

PlantGuard™ is a proprietary blend of natural extracts from plants that have been used in nutritional supplements for many years due to their antioxidant properties. It is highly effective for extending freshness and shelf life, delaying the onset of rancidity and hindering microbial growth, as well as conserving flavour and colour.

The heat-stable, neutral-tasting preservatives perform well against synthetic alternatives in a range of foods and beverages. PlantGuard™ AM, which can be used in applications including dairy, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals and juices, will be showcased at FiE alongside the antioxidant PlantGuard™ FS (fat-soluble for high-fat applications such as pastries, fried foods and mayonnaise) and WS (water-soluble for lower-fat products including breads, reduced-fat spreads and sauces).

Because PlantGuard™ can be used in such a broad range of applications, it can replace artificial preservatives across a number of product lines. Prinova’s technical team works with customers to help them select the optimal solution for their brands. The low dose rate and cost-in-use that compares well with alternatives enable further economies of scale.

Nagardo, a new natural preservative from LANXESS, is now approved for use in non-alcoholic beverages in the European Union as well. “EU approval allows us to continue expanding the global footprint of Nagardo. The preservative is already in use in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada,” said Monika Ebener, Global Marketing Director for Natural Antimicrobials at LANXESS. “We’re going to be launching in other markets as well. We are now proud to present our natural guardian in our home market, too.”

EU approval is regarded as the gold standard due to its thorough evaluation process. “This registration means that European beverage producers can now make use of a long-awaited natural preservative that not only reliably and efficiently safeguards product quality but also enables manufacturers to transform their product ranges to suit the emerging trend of consumer awareness and demand for natural ingredients. The use of Nagardo can also help companies to achieve their sustainability targets, partly by reducing the amount of plastic needed for packaging and partly because switching from hot filling or tunnel pasteurization to cold filling with Nagardo cuts energy usage.

Nagardo is used in various beverage categories, which means that a wide-ranging market can depend on the protection offered by this natural preservative.

Nagardo is based on glycolipids obtained from edible mushrooms, which were discovered in a comprehensive screening process encompassing more than 100,000 natural substances. It transpired

that they offer the kind of effectiveness that can be found only in nature – all that is needed is a dosage as much as 50 times smaller than is the case with commonly used synthetic preservatives. It is currently the most effective natural preservative for non-alcoholic beverages on the market.

Nagardo will be launched officially in Europe for the first time at this year’s drinktec, a trade show that will be taking place in Munich from September 12 to 16.