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Together they continue to revolutionise the fruit preparation industry

Aran Group, a leading manufacturer of bag-in-box solutions, announces the successful completion of the acquisition of a majority stake in IBA Germany from previous owner Liquid Concept GmbH (LC). This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Aran’s growth journey, providing an exceptional opportunity for developing 1000-liter IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and a strong foothold in the large German market. The acquisition also positions Aran to penetrate nearby markets, including Scandinavia. The Aran-IBA operation is led by Managing Director Dan Abraham alongside Sascha Siebel, COO & Chief Engineer and a worldwide expert in BIB and food packaging.

Aran Group acquires majority stake in IBA Germany
(Photo: Aran)

Lior Mor, CEO of Aran Group, conveyed his excitement about the new acquisition: “This is a tremendous commercial, managerial, and leadership opportunity for all of us at Aran and IBA. With the support of the board and management and Aran staff, we aim to achieve significant milestones in the near future. Welcoming the latest addition to our group, IBA is officially part of the Aran Group as of January 2024, enhancing our presence in Europe. This strategic acquisition joins our existing plants in Spain, the USA, and Israel, further solidifying our global footprint. Congratulations and success to all of us at Aran and IBA on this exciting new chapter.”

“This acquisition will allow the Aran Group to become a significant player in 1000-liter aseptic packaging solutions for transporting sensitive food products”, says Dan Abraham. “It will also serve as a base of activity for the entire group in the German market and neighboring countries.

Revolutionary partnership drives industry advancements

IBA is known for its innovative solutions, based on the creative innovation led by Sascha Siebel. Headquartered in Luhne Germany IBA is a key player in the production and sale of flexible IBCs for transporting high-quality food products. The IBA Tainer aseptic IBC is a patented 1000-liter container designed for transporting liquid food. Featuring a protective cage and a disposable flexible bag. This inventive solution offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional stainless-steel containers and ensures an aseptic environment with excellent barriers to safeguard the product. This eliminates the need for complex washing and sterilisation processes, mitigating the risk of contamination and preserving the integrity of the valuable contents. Beyond its economic advantages, IBA Tainer is a significantly lighter solution, reducing the required energy during the entire value chain.

Aran’s partnership with IBA, spanning 10 years, has facilitated mutual growth. The acquisition of IBA by Aran is expected to intensify market penetration in Europe, particularly in Germany, where the bag-in-box market generates 45-50 million euros. It will enable Aran to leverage its global network for exporting IBA products beyond Germany, using both the unique tap and IBA Tainer. The deal also lays the groundwork for expanding into neighboring markets.

Aran and IBA’s combined capabilities and technology are expected to drive substantial growth in the coming years.

The fruit, starch and sugar group AGRANA is extending its presence in Asia and acquiring the fruit preparations business of the local food producer Taiyo Kagaku Co. Ltd. AGRANA Fruit Japan Ltd. will be starting with the production of fruit preparations on 1 April and therefore now includes a fourth Asian country in addition to China, India and South Korea. As the global leader in fruit preparations, AGRANA now maintains 26 production sites in 20 countries.

The fruit preparations plant in question is located in Yokkaichi, in southern Japan, around 100 km east of Osaka. From there it will supply customers in Japan’s bakery products sector as well as dairies and ice cream producers. Japan has a constantly growing market for fruit preparations with a volume of around 60,000 metric tons and forecast annual growth of 2-3 % a year.

“The acquisition of this Japanese fruit preparations plant from TAIYO is an important step as part of our expansion in Asia. The growing Japanese market for fruit preparations is characterised by high quality demands and innovations. This ties in perfectly with our high quality standards and the innovative direction as the global market leader in the fruit segment, where we satisfy the needs of our customers with a wide portfolio – ranging from standard fruit preparations for yoghurts and ice creams to premium-segment fruit solutions such as sauces, condiments, fillings and smoothie bases,” explains the CEO of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG, Johann Marihart.

Fruit preperations at AGRANA
AGRANA’s fruit preparations contain top quality fruit which is either puréed or diced and used in dairy products or in the ice cream and bakery products industries. These products are individually designed by AGRANA on the basis of close development-related collaborations with customers. In addition to fruit preparations, AGRANA also offers innovative preparations with “brown flavours” such as caramel, coffee or vanilla as well as so-called inclusions (e.g. chocolate balls). In addition to the food processing industry, AGRANA also supplies its fruit preparations to fast-food companies and food service providers.