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Arla Foods Ingredients is demonstrating how its whey solutions can be used to create clear protein shakes targeting a range of different consumer segments.

Protein powders comprise 46 % of the entire sports nutrition market1, and Arla Foods Ingredients research shows that they appeal to the full spectrum of health-conscious shoppers. Over 20 % of consumers in both the ‘Active Nutrition’ and ‘Lifestyle Nutrition’ categories (who do not prioritise exercise as highly as ‘Performance Nutrition’ consumers) still consume powdered drinks at least once a week.2

As part of its ‘Go Clear’ campaign at SupplySide West (23rd to 27th October in Las Vegas), the nutrition leader will showcase three new clear whey powder concepts. Flavored to appeal to US markets in particular, each demonstrates how the right whey ingredient can meet the specific needs of consumers in a particular segment:

  • Go Premium: This clear shake targets performance nutrition consumers seeking out next-generation products. It is based on Lacprodan® BLG-100 – a pure beta-lactoglobulin. Packed with nutritional power and 45 % higher in leucine than other whey proteins, it is ideal for boosting muscle protein synthesis post-workout.
  • Go Natural: Made with Lacprodan® ISO.WaterShake (100 % whey protein isolate), this fruit-infused water shake creates new opportunities for flavoured waters. Its delicate flavours and clean texture are ideal for active nutrition consumers who want natural products that support healthy lifestyles with no compromise on taste.
  • Go Fresh: This thirst-quenching shake is made with Lacprodan® ClearShake (100 % whey protein isolate). Its refreshing lemonade taste makes it ideal for lifestyle nutrition consumers who aren’t specifically looking for a post-workout solution, but still want the benefits of whey.

Troels Nørgaard Laursen, Director for Health and Performance at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Today’s sports nutrition market is hugely diverse. While shakes are popular across the board, every consumer group has its own preferences – from the hardcore enthusiasts looking for premium ingredients and functionality, to “healthy lifestyle” consumers who prioritise taste and naturality. Fortunately our range of high-quality whey ingredients is wide enough to meet every need, so no matter which segment brands are targeting, there’s a perfect ready-to-mix solution.”

Other concepts on show at the company’s booth (#6549) will include a protein cold brew, and a tea latte RTD, both featuring Lacprodan MicelPure®. Containing 86 % native protein and naturally high in calcium, this micellar casein isolate was recently certified by the Non-GMO Project, offering another advantage to North American brands.

1Euromonitor International, 2023
2HealthFocus® International Trend Study, 2022

The Frankfurt Future Institute called fusion “the culinary globalization of daily life” in its Food Report 2023. Fusion food combines influences from different international cuisines. Ginger and turmeric refine fruit smoothies, coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves lend a special flavour to kale curries. Whether soups, curries or desserts, fresh-made or convenience, coconut milk gives many foods and beverages an exotic touch. This has made it a firm part of fusion food. And not just that – as a plant product, it’s perfect for the booming plant-based trend.

Today, consumers expect natural foods to taste good and support their wellbeing. Vegan coconut milk powder is excellent for making purely plant-based drinks and desserts, as a functional alternative to traditional milk products. With coconut milk powder from the SternCream series, Sternchemie has the appropriate product for every application, whether conventional, vegan or organic dishes, for industrial customers as well as the out-of-home market.

The new SternCream Vegan is versatile and simple to work with. Its very high coconut milk content gives it a natural, authentic coconut flavour and a light sweetness. The creamy mouthfeel is especially noticeable in ice cream, praline and wafer fillings, and sweet and hearty snacks. SternCream Vegan also improves the consistency of soups, sauces, creams and dips. Thanks to its very good instant and flow properties, this coconut milk powder quickly dissolves in lukewarm water to attain a smooth consistency. Another plus point is that as a natural product, unlike coconut flavourings and extracts it is very declaration-friendly, either as coconut cream or coconut milk powder. It’s also easier to dose and keeps longer than regular coconut milk.

Gentle manufacture brings product benefits

SternCream products are made exclusively from selected ripe coconuts, whose meat is first washed, then minced and pressed. To ensure the highest purity of the final product, the extracted coconut milk is doubled-filtered. It is then pasteurized and spray-dried for consistently high quality, which is confirmed by sensory panel testing. With its low water content and oxidation stability, SternCream powder has a shelf life of at least 24 months. It also has higher microbiological stability than coconut milk or grated coconut. Another advantage is that due to the gentle drying process, all of its valuable ingredients are retained. Furthermore, SternCream needs no preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

“Together with our customers, we work to refine our products and adapt them to current and future market requirements,” explains Katrin Baumann, SternCream Technical Product Manager. “The focus is on nutritional, trend and ethical considerations, with protein enrichment, fat reduction and added fibre, as well as organic products and plant-based alternatives to dairy.” This coconut milk powder offers manufacturers across the food industry a way to improve existing products, and develop highly attractive new ones for growth markets like the plant-based category.

Longstanding relationships with raw materials suppliers

With the current bottlenecks in raw material supplies and the general economic situation, factors like cost control, dependable suppliers and raw materials availability play a central role. Here, Sternchemie customers benefit from longstanding relationships with suppliers in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. “Close coordination and detailed information exchange with our partners in the source countries are the basis for our ability to proactively meet the rising quality demands of the market,” says Svea Rahlf, Sternchemie Quality Manager. “Sensitized consumers, improved analysis methods and ever-stricter regulatory requirements are driving an increased focus on raw materials quality and process control.” With SternCream, Sternchemie offers a versatile natural product that combines functionality with dependable quality.

Vitafoods Expo 2020: Allmicroalgae will showcase its portfolio of functional and sustainable ingredients / Joint venture announcement

At Vitafoods Expo, European microalgae specialist Allmicroalgae will focus on three key ingredients which are all high quality sources of macro- and micronutrients: Organic Chlorella vulgaris powder – the only Chlorella ingredient on the market produced on a large scale with EU organic certification, Tetraselmis chuii powder and Nannochloropsis powder. Their valuable nutritional profiles make all three perfect for use in food supplements targeted at vegetarians, vegans, healthy lifestyle followers and the sports and fitness sectors. Furthermore, the Portuguese company is excited to use Vitafoods Expo as a platform to announce its new shareholder, ALTINAT Group, owner of Greentech, a pioneer in plant biotechnology. With a worldwide reach, Greentech has experience in processing algae in innovative ingredients for several markets, including the aquaculture, cosmetics and agro sectors. The new partnership effectively expands Allmicroalgae’s global presence and gives companies around the world access to its portfolio of plant-based, natural, sustainable and organic products.

Chlorella vulgaris powder: Packed with nutrients

The ideal protein supplier, this fine powder composed of Chlorella vulgaris microalgae cells has a minimum of 55 per cent protein in the dry mass. It contains all of the essential amino acids, which is a rarity amongst plant-based sources. Furthermore, it offers a vast array of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B12 and iron, as well as phytochemicals such as carotenes and xanthophylls. High in dietary fibre and low in fat, it has a total lipid content of more than 60 per cent polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). The product is produced in accordance with European Organic Certification.

Important from a functional perspective are its detoxifying and antioxidant properties. With immune health currently in focus like never before, the immunity-boosting properties of Allmicroalgae’s Chlorella vulgaris make it a high demand ingredient. When it comes to food formulations, it has interesting functionality, including being a natural green colourant and a texturising agent.

Tetraselmis chuii powder: A boost for nutritional profiles and savoury flavours

This EU-approved novel food ingredient contains a minimum of 40 per cent protein in the dry mass, as well as a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, plus phytochemicals such as carotenes and xanthophylls. A key nutritional advantage is its essential omega-3 EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) content.

As a food ingredient, the sensory characteristics of Tetraselmis chuii are particularly interesting: Its pleasant, lightly salty seafood-like taste makes it ideal for boosting the flavour and nutritional content of savoury items in particular, including sauces, condiments and savoury crackers, where it can act as a salt substitute.

Nannochloropsis: High in EPA

Nannochloropsis microalgae normally grows in salt water, so its salt concentration is relatively high (7-9 g/100 g). However, Allmicroalgae has succeeded in developing a fresh water method of production. This leads to a product that is far lower in salt (<0,4 g/100 g) and is thus a healthier option for dietary supplements. Its high EPA content (almost 50 per cent of its total lipids) makes it a perfect source of this essential omega-3 fatty acid. Additionally, it is high in protein, dietary fibre and phytochemicals, which are largely responsible for its anti-oxidant activity.

Functional yet sustainable

“We are delighted to be taking part in the first ever virtual Vitafoods event,” says Margarida Eustáquio, responsible for Business Development at Allmicroalgae. “Even though it’s a pity we will not be able to meet our customers face to face, this innovative new format gives us the chance to reach an even wider audience, from all over the world. This is a great fit for our expansion plans and ties in perfectly with our new partnership. We are excited to be able to tell manufacturers and suppliers about the multitude of uses for our ingredients, which offer contemporary solutions for today’s health and sustainability conscious consumers. Our products are made 100 per cent in Portugal and combine the best of both worlds – excellent functionality and a clear ethical conscience.”

Of course, Vitafoods attendees will be able to learn about all of the products in Allmicroalgae’s extensive portfolio. Demonstrating its versatility, the company also offers finished items such as crackers, cookies and superfood bars, which are produced by carefully selected contract manufacturers on its behalf.

Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), one of the leading suppliers for ingredients, has now added new colors to its product range: firstly, micronized color powders made from coloring foodstuffs; secondly, paprika extract for particularly vibrant shades of orange.

The new micronized color powders from ADM are made up of particles that are much smaller than conventional color pigments. This gives the powders a larger surface – in relative terms – and increases their opacity. As a result, they give foodstuffs a highly intensive and striking coloring.

ADM offers its customers micronized color powders for all common color shades. The new solutions complete the previous range from yellow to red, now also allowing additional colorings in green and blue. The raw materials that the ADM developers use are coloring foodstuffs such as safflower, curcumin, red radish and spirulina. The products are available for instant beverages, chewing gum, powder mixtures, concentrates and confectionery. Despite the small particle size, the colors are by no means nanomaterials.

Paprika for bright orange – without any E numbers

The WILD Rainbow Range, ADM’s range of coloring foodstuffs and natural colors, has also been expanded and now includes paprika as a new coloring foodstuff that can be used for all food applications. It is suitable for all pH values and is heat-stable. In contrast to orange carrot, for example, paprika extract does not change its color and become more yellow when heated, but rather retains its original orange.

Paprika can be used to give a bright orange color to various products, including confectionery, snacks, ice cream, baked goods, breakfast cereals and chewing gum. It is actually an original color rather than the result of mixing two separate colors (red and yellow). Both the micronized color powder and paprika extract can be declared as ingredients with no E numbers, which means that they are suitable for clean label products.