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Citrus-based flavours are a top consumer taste preference and will be a driving force of market-leading innovation in the years ahead. The Flavorchem team developed an exclusive collection of six true-to-fruit citrus flavours inspired by their associated health halo, global appeal, and consumer demand for authenticity.

Fresh calamansi lime

The fruit itself is very sour, while the peel is sweet. Our calamansi lime type flavour has a familiar juicy lime profile with elements of tangerine and orange.

Fruity kumquat

Kumquat has a sweet, tangy taste that is reminiscent of a cross between an orange and grapefruit. Our kumquat type flavour has notes of orange and grapefruit with fruity and floral undertones.

Juicy blood orange

Blood orange has a complex flavour that’s reminiscent of navel oranges, but is more floral and tart. Our extract is sweet and juicy, fresh and pulpy, and has a fruity aroma similar to tangerine.

Sweet tangerine

Characterized by its coarse peel and tangy flesh, tangerines are typically sweeter and less tart than oranges. Our tangerine extract has a sweet and fresh aroma with a zesty and refreshing taste.

Yuzu citrus

Yuzu’s sophisticated flavour profile is often considered an exotic hybrid of the citrus family. Our yuzu type flavour has notes of grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin.

Zesty key lime

Valued for its characteristic flavour, Key limes are smaller, seedier, and have a stronger aroma than the Persian limes. Our key lime extract, reminiscent of fresh limes, features a sweet, juicy, tangy, and aldehydic top note.

Flavorchem’s citrus varietals can be optimised for any food or beverage application.