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The Hamburg ingredients specialist Bösch Boden Spies has expanded its range to include selected organic products. The new additions to its portfolio include organic cranberries from Ocean Spray. Organic is all the rage: The proportion of organic products in the range of European food manufacturers is growing steadily. German consumers appreciate this: According to a GfK survey, the share of organic food in total food expenditure in Germany rose from 3.3 percent in 2010 to 5.6 percent in 2017.

The GfK study also found that every fourth new product in 2017 in beverages and food was organic. Ingredients specialist Bösch Boden Spies also sees organic as a growth market, especially in the dried fruit, nuts and snacks segments – but also in beverages. The specialist for natural ingredients based on fruit and nuts recently added a few selected organic products to its range.

Organic Cranberries from Ocean Spray

Since the beginning of the year, Bösch Boden Spies has offered the cranberries of its partner Ocean Spray in an organic grade as well. They are available deep-frozen, concentrate or as dried berries. The trendy red berry provides colorful and tasty accents in organic mueslis, granola bars, drinks, ice cream, trail mixes, salad toppings and other organic snacks. Also new to the Bösch Boden Spies range: organic passionfruit ingredients from Quicornac – available as direct juice and concentrate – as well as organic tomato concentrate from Morning Star (as 28/30 or 30/32 Cold Break and Hot Break pastes).

They complement the organic ingredients that are already in Bösch Boden Spies’ existing portfolio, such as acerola from Niagro (juice concentrate, puree and frozen), Goldenberries (Cape gooseberries – from Terrafertil, dried), banana from Banalight (puree and frozen) and pineapple from Fruitlight (NFC) and blueberries from Les Bleuets (frozen).