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Berjé Inc. announced the acquisition of Global Citrus International (GCI) and Acelim del Peru – two Peruvian growers and producers of essential oils and fruit products with extensive operations in Peru and strong collaboration with Citrolim SA de CV, based in Mexico. With this acquisition, GCI and Acelim will become part of the Berjé Inc. family of companies, and will be renamed and operated as Citrolim Peru and Acelim.

GCI and Acelim are respected and preeminent growers, processors, and suppliers of lime-based products, including fresh limes, lime essential oils, lime juice, and lime peel. The renaming as Citrolim Peru will facilitate the integration and alignment of these operations into the world-renowned Berjé family of companies, further expanding the position as international producers within the flavour and fragrance industry.

Firmenich introduces Orange NextGen replacers and extenders, its natural alternative to FTNF (From The Named Fruit) orange oils, achieving identical orange flavours at significant economic benefit to customers and enabling sustained supply.

The global orange oil market has been under severe pressure and volatility in recent years due to crop shortages, poor fruit quality, climate-related challenges, and transportation instability. To address these supply disruptions and meet the growing demand for orange citrus oils, Firmenich has developed a range of natural, high-performing Orange WONF (With Other Natural Flavours) solutions, achieving taste profiles identical to orange oils.

“A fundamental part of our commitment to being our client’s unrivaled Citrus Partner means providing great taste and consistent quality, together with supply stability,” said Sonia Botta, Firmenich’s Global Citrus VP. “This is especially relevant in light of the continuing supply challenges facing the orange oil market. By leveraging our strong in-house citrus capabilities, advanced analytical expertise and deep understanding of natural molecules, our experienced Citrus Flavorists have masterfully created Orange NextGen replacers and extenders, allowing us to provide equivalent taste at cost competitiveness.”

For use in a wide variety of applications including waters, juices, alcoholic beverages, sweet goods and savory products, Firmenich’s Orange NextGen is designed to replace or extend orange oils, helping customers avoid product disruptions and delivering the same great flavour their consumers have grown to love.