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Commercial productive apple growing in a northern climate – terroir project in sub arctic Sweden well ahead of schedule

As 2021 rolls into the calendar the project “Commercial productive apple growing in a northern climate – innovation for new climate resilient agriculture in northern Europe”, a project to lay the foundation of a new apple growing region in Northern Europe and as a result, a new terroir in nordic wine and cider culture reaches some milestones and enters the next phase.

The project has been met with enthusiasm and strong response from a wide range of farmers across the region and the project is well ahead of the projected planting schedule.

The collaboration group comprised of academics, nurseries, professionals specialised in growing commercial crops in the north as well as wholesale and commercial apple growing has managed to secure trial grounds and, as part of the project’s commitment towards EIP-Agri also initiated the establishment of a comparative orchard in the south of Sweden using the hybrid planting system that the project is championing.

Project manager, Daniel Pacurar,
“The response has been overwhelming and we are in a situation where we could probably plant the entire scope of the project in its first year of establishment alone. This is very encouraging. On top of that we have a number of potential growers on a waiting list which means we now need to look at the possibilities of expanding the project both in terms of time as well as resources.”

“Commercial productive apple growing in a northern climate – innovation for new climate resilient agriculture in northern Europe” presently runs from 2020 to 2023, funded by EIP-agri, the European union fund for innovation and productivity within agriculture, in collaboration with a group of experts together with established farmers, budding cider producers and professional gardening businesses across the region who want to add, diversify or are looking to grow apples for wholesale or sales into beverage production.

Project owner is Brännland Cider, situated at latitude 63 on the Baltic seaboard, among the worlds most respected producers of ice cider.

About Brännland Cider
Brännland Cider produces ice cider using 100% Swedish apples for a national and international market. The company’s first vintage, an ice cider produced in the Swedish county of Västerbotten, not far from the arctic circle, using Swedish apples in adherence to the denomination set in the country of origin of ice cider, Canada, was released in 2012.