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vitaminwater® announced the addition of two new flavours – ‘with love’ and ‘forever you’ – to its zero sugar lineup, plus an innovative reformulation for all six zero sugar flavours. The new zero sugar reformulation offers our latest sweetener formula that includes monk fruit and stevia in addition to added vitamins and nutrients. The products are now available in the US at mass retailers, grocery stores and convenience stores.

The new flavours serve as an extension of vitaminwater’s promise to ‘nourish every you.’ Inspired by the notion that multiple sides of “you” have needs, vitaminwater encourages individuals to nourish each and every one. Whether your body, your emotions, or your complexities, vitaminwater has something in its suite of products to celebrate your multifaceted self.

Joining vitaminwater’s zero-sugar rainbow of flavours, ‘with love’ and ‘forever you’ provide new nutrition that can add positivity for each of your “yous”:

  • ‘with love’ is delightfully infused with raspberry and dark chocolate for a unique taste. The nutrient-enhanced water beverage features a liquid boost of magnesium (85 mg) to help support heart health and 100 % antioxidant vitamin C alongside vitamin A (25 %) and vitamin E (30 %).
  • ‘forever you’ contains tropical coconut lime flavours with white curcumin (18 mg) alongside 100 % antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin A (25 %) and vitamin E (30 %). Both drinks are a great source of vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, and vitamin b12.