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Bucher Unipektin, a business unit of the Swiss based Bucher Industries AG within the division Bucher Specials, is acquiring 100 % of the Spanish citrus processing equipment supplier Luzzysa. With the acquisition Bucher Unipektin further strengthens its presence in the citrus juice industry.

Industria de Maquinaria Luzzisa, S.L was founded in 1975, is privately owned and operates under the brand “Luzzysa”. The company supplies processing equipment for the production of citrus juices. The administration and production of the company is located in El Puig (Valencia),
supported by a sales and after sales service network in the main citrus markets.

Bucher Unipektin is the world market leader for production equipment of apple, pear and berry juices and also supplies refinement systems and evaporators to the citrus industry. The business unit is operating globally with production sites in Switzerland and China, supported by a global agent network and own sales and service organisations in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, New Zealand and Mexico.

With this acquisition, Bucher Unipektin is in the position to supply its citrus juice customers with entire processing lines, complementing its refinement systems and evaporators with Luzzysa’s juice extractor EXZEL, the industry standard for juicing of citrus fruits.

The company will be operated by the existing management team out of its original location in El Puig under the new name Bucher Exzel, S.L.