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DHL Global Forwarding, Deutsche Post DHL Group’s air and ocean freight specialist, has announced the launch of a new bulk liquid transporter solution, a system of Flexitanks called DHL Reefertanks. The DHL Reefertanks are a brand new three-tank system developed in partnership with supplier Liquitank Solutions to transport bulk liquids like citrus juice which require temperature control while in transit. Currently the new system is being piloted in Mexico to transport any non-hazardous bulk liquid requiring temperature control to the United States, but can be utilized in any country that sees a need for this new product.

“We are always committed to delivering quality, safety and traceability for our customers and their liquid products,” says Goetz Alebrand, Head of Ocean Freight, DHL Global Forwarding, Americas. “This new solution coupled with the newest innovations and technology at DHL provides our customers with a more cost-effective service, helps them save money and represents a safe, streamlined, and more environmentally friendly way of transporting their non-hazardous liquids.”

Traditionally ISOTanks or Refrigerated containers of 55 gallon drums are used for transporting bulk liquirds as well as 40’ long flexitanks in refrigerated containers, but the new reefer tank system allows for a greater yield of products when compared to any of these other options. The nature of the new three tank system leaves less residue or heel in the tanks. The average yield in the DHL Reefertank system is 99.97 % versus 97.5 % yield in ISOTanks or 40’ long flexitanks – that equals 157 gallons less product loss by using the DHL Reefertank system. This is significant, as manufacturers are paid by the amount of gallons delivered.

Additionally, the new system has increased temperature visibility while in transit with the ability to hold juice at a constant -3 – 3° C – virtually eliminating any possibility of juice spoiling or fermenting in transit which is especially beneficial to organic juices. An additional benefit to traditional Refrigerated container shipments of juice in drums is the amount of packaging used – the new DHL Reefertank utilizes less packaging which allows 2,100 – 4,200 lbs more actual payload to be loaded into the refrigerated container and saves shipment costs.

The new DHL Reefertanks are part of DHL Global Forwarding’s mission to provide care in the end-to-end shipping process, in line with maximizing product volume transported and providing customers a more cost-effective shipping solution.

Two leading companies, Sidel and Elettric80, have started a strategic alliance to provide comprehensive services ranging from production to warehouse, distribution centre and logistics management for beverage and food, home and personal care (FHPC) producers. Both companies will act as a one-stop source, allowing producers to become more flexible, safe and sustainable with Smart Factory tailored solutions. 

Today, beverage and FHPC producers are influenced by different factors that are challenging their performance. Among others, due to the growing e-commerce markets, the need for automated warehouses and logistics management becomes especially important. Sidel and Elettric80 have paired up their know-how in state-of-the-art packaging and highly automated and integrated intralogistics solutions to help producers stay competitive and meet the demands of the market worldwide.

Monica Gimre, CEO at Sidel Group: “For Sidel, it is a principle to always listen to our customers. A strategic alliance with Elettric80 is our approach towards achieving our goal of providing A to Z services to our customers, including intralogistics solutions. We are happy to be in a partnership with a company that shares the same values as we do, and I believe that the synergy and great teamwork between us will bring added value not just to our customers, but also to ourselves by opening space for learning and innovation together.”

Enrico Grassi, President at Elettric80: “Packaging lines with highly automated and integrated intralogistics areas at the end of the line will be the future of any production site. Along with Sidel, we are taking the next step in expanding our business opportunities by increasing our customers’ operational efficiency and sustainability. We are ready to complement this alliance with strong expertise in logistics process

Within the Krones Group, the planning and implementation of intralogistical solutions had hitherto been handled both in System Logistics S.p.A. in Fiorano (Italy), and in Syskron GmbH in Germany (Wackersdorf). Effective 1 July 2019, the Intralogistics Division of Syskron GmbH has been incorporated into System Logistics GmbH, headquartered in Wackersdorf, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Krones Group.

With this streamlining of its market presence, Krones is uniting its entire intralogistics portfolio under the family brand of “System Logistics” and offering clients worldwide holistic solutions for intralogistical applications. This synergising of corporate capabilities will additionally ensure even closer networking for intralogistical projects.

The newly founded company employs around 100 people, and possesses in-house engineering, design, IT, automation and project management capabilities, plus its own after-sales service operation.

System Logistics GmbH will still be headquartered in Wackersdorf. The German/Austrian/Swiss market, as the single biggest market for automated warehousing systems in Europe, plus clients from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will be handled from there in future.