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Refresco Europe was awarded the first-ever European Lean & Green Star for their transport operations in their European business. Refresco earned the Star for having transport emissions that are 20 % lower than the industry benchmark. This was achieved by implementing a range of optimization programs in their European operations.

Since 2018, Refresco implemented a number of projects and initiatives, including:

  1. driving with fully loaded trucks as much as possible, including cross-border traffic,
  2. entering into strategic partnerships with transport companies and suppliers to optimize transport efficiency,
  3. and optimizing the production footprint, thus reducing the distance from production location to customer sites.

All of these initiatives were aimed at increasing transport efficiency and reducing transport emissions. Case in point: Refresco Italy introduced a longer lightweight truck with 8 % more loading capacity, and two new external warehouses located closer to the plants. Both initiatives contribute to a permanent and sizable reduction of transport emissions.

Ms. Minna Lyijynen, Refresco Group Sustainability Manager: “We are excited to have received this first-ever European Lean&Green Star. While there are many other elements involved, the way we handle transportation has a large impact on the sustainability of our business. Thanks to our pan-European manufacturing footprint we are able to supply with short transport lines and provide our customers the proximity they need. Our aim is, together with our carriers and suppliers, optimal transport efficiency and minimum impact on the environment. The Lean & Green program is a valuable tool to help us to realize this ambition and improve as we go. ”

Adds Nico Anten, Executive Chairman Lean&Green Europe: “New technologies might help facilitate more sustainable transport, but the most important element in success is a company’s dedication to making it happen. This first-ever European Lean & Green Star is well-deserved and reflects the emphasis Refresco places on making transport more sustainable.”