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SVZ, a premium fruit and vegetable ingredient supplier, introduced its latest innovation at Fi Europe 2022: Carte Blanche white base solutions, designed to help manufacturers deliver vibrant flavours and colours with reduced sugar content.

Carte Blanche: Less creates more

Featuring white carrot and pumpkin as its star products, Carte Blanche addresses industry demand for natural and versatile bases with functional benefits such as reduced sugar content, neutral appearance, or subtle flavour profile. The new, fully customisable solutions are ideal for a wide array of applications, from smoothies and beverages to savoury snacks, and desserts.

“There is a real need for reduced sugar fruit and vegetable bases right now as many manufacturers look to give their beverages, baked snacks and even desserts a ‘better-for-you’ make over. What’s unique about Carte Blanche is that it’s not only low-sugar, but offers a neutral taste and colour profile to help the ingredients that count shine through in recipes. It’s also perfect for adding ‘stealth vegetables’ to products, boosting nutritional credentials without having to sell the idea of veggie smoothies and snacks to sceptical consumers. With this solution, less truly creates more.”, comments Johan Cerstiaens, Commercial Director at SVZ.

Oterra, one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural colours, with one of the widest portfolios in the industry, announced the launch of the industry’s best natural alternative to Red40/Allura Red for beverage – Hansen Sweet Potato FruitMax® Red 116 WS.

In 2019, Oterra, at that time known as Chr. Hansen Natural Colors, launched its Hansen Sweet Potato range. The result of nearly a decade of ground-breaking research and development, the range quickly became an award-winning industry favourite, scooping up prizes in three continents: Europe, North America, and South America. The new vegetable variety was an instant hit for its stable, vibrant, and natural red alternative.

Driven by innovation and the desire to provide exceptional solutions for the industry, Oterra’s scientists went back to work after launching the original range to develop the next must-have solution for the beverage market. The result, FruitMax® Red 116 WS, is designed specifically for beverage manufacturers. It addresses the high complexity this industry faces when using anthocyanins, including fortification, high water-activity, carbonisation, off-flavour, and colour stability.

FruitMax® Red 116 WS provides manufacturers with a unique clean label, minimally processed, and GMO-free fire-engine red shade for beverage, making it the industry’s best natural alternative to RED40 or Allura Red.

FruitMax® Red 116 WS is recommended for alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, cordials, energy drinks, juice-based drinks and near waters.