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Klaveness Digital announces its latest partnership with Citrosuco, a global leader in orange juice concentrate production, as the company adopts CargoValue to optimise supply chain operations. Citrosuco is the latest to join a growing community of industrial companies taking the lead in how they manage their seaborne supply chain.

In today’s highly competitive market, Citrosuco recognises the value of incorporating advanced technologies to support its standing in the global citrus industry. The company’s dedication to creating top-quality products and embracing environmentally responsible practices has encouraged its pursuit of innovative solutions for enhancing its supply chain.

With the adoption of CargoValue, Citrosuco can now efficiently plan and manage their entire shipping and inventory schedule in one solution with a single source of information, from planning to production, allowing the company to reduce risks and costs. Citrosuco currently has 5 marine terminals located in: Santos (BR), Wilmington (USA), Gent (Belgium), Toyohashi (Japan) and Newcastle (Australia), as well as 5 dedicated ships and 1 multi-cargo vessel.

According to Luiz Fernando Ragonha Jr, the Director of Supply Chain Planning at Citrosuco’s Santos Port Terminal, the adoption of CargoValue by Citrosuco reaffirms the company’s prominent position in the global citrus industry. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, Citrosuco demonstrates its unwavering commitment to keeping pace with the latest industry trends and advancements. The implementation of this solution not only enables Citrosuco to streamline its operations and decrease operating costs, but also plays a crucial role in reducing the company’s environmental impact. By identifying opportunities for more sustainable transportation and storage practices, Citrosuco actively contributes to its CO emission reduction targets, thereby aligning itself with a more environmentally conscious future.

Greater efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability in the supply chain

“By incorporating CargoValue into their operations, Citrosuco demonstrates their forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence,” said Aleksander Stensby, CEO at Klaveness Digital AS. “We’re excited to partner with Citrosuco to help them achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability in their global supply chain.”