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T. Hasegawa announced the release of their Japanese citrus flavour portfolio. T. Hasegawa’s Japanese heritage combined with their team of highly skilled flavour chemists carefully crafted a rich array of sweet, sour, tart and refreshing Japanese citrus flavours that are grown and harvested across the country of Japan.

Each citrus in the collection has a distinctive taste and aroma that will enhance a variety of products from beverages, bakery, dressings, dairy, frozen desserts, sauces, seasonings, snacks and much more. The portfolio includes the following flavour profiles available in water-soluble, oil-soluble and powder form.

Yuzu – Versatile with sour, tart notes and resembles a grapefruit with a hint of mikan orange.

Sudachi – Slightly spicy, sharp, with a tangy taste accented by bergamot notes.

Kabosu – Mild juiciness with a slight metallic note and is an ideal replacement for lime in fish and meats.

Mikan – Fresh, sweet with a juicy character and ideal for the North American palate.

Shikuwasa – A rich citrus flavor with a sour taste and lends itself well to desserts, chips, sweets, juices, jams, dressings and alcoholic beverages.

Iyokan – Sweet and sour profile and can be used as an alternative to orange in confectionery and dessert.

Natsumikan – Slightly bitter, sour and juicy, which makes the perfect accompaniment for dessert and herbal sparkling beverages.

Hassaku – Characterized by its crisp, fresh floral and grapefruit-like notes this citrus.

“The flavours of Japan are often a source of flavour inspiration for product developers across the globe and continue to show strong market growth” says Doug Resh, Director Commercial Marketing. “We are excited to provide our customers on-trend flavours that will elevate and deliver a unique twist to their brand.”

Yuzu in particular has opened up the world to Japanese citrus profiles. Over the last several years, Western chefs featured yuzu as an aromatic and flavourful ingredient in Japanese-inspired dishes; while consumer packaged foods companies featured yuzu in sweets, sauces, vinegars and RTD beverages

According to Mintel, demand for Japanese food increased in the United States by 19.1 % between 2015-2018. With consumers continuing to experience a stronger desire to travel during quarantine, authentic and functional ingredients with engaging stories can quell the frustrations of staying put. Consuming world cuisine offers a substitute for travel, encourages experimentation and it’s easy on the wallet as an affordable excitement.

About T. Hasegawa USA Inc.
Being a global top-10 flavor and fragrance company, T. Hasegawa continues to pioneer the flavour industry with a customer experience that is optimized to rapidly respond with technical expertise. We deliver superior products that meet all your requirements no matter how complex the demand. Recognizing that the food industry needs flexibility, we proactively listen to our customers’ needs in an effort to develop better ways of delivering formulations that have excellent taste and aroma to fit form and function.