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The yearly WAPA report was published on the occasion of the Prognosfruit held in Trentino (Italy): Italian production levels are stable, France and Spain grow, while Poland and Germany suffer a slump.

The new challenges in the apple industry will headline the Interpoma 2024, the only trade fair in the entire world specialised in apples. The trade fair will run between 21 and 23 November 2024 at the Fiera Bolzano.

During the hiatus between the South Tyrolean trade fair, which takes place every two years – the last edition was held in November 2022 – apple enthusiasts can look forward to Prognosfruit 2023, the yearly, itinerant trade fair during which WAPA, the World Apple and Pear Association, publishes a report containing forecasts on the upcoming European apple harvest. Due to WAPA’s choice of location, this year’s Interpoma supported and promoted Prognosfruit as the event’s Technical Sponsor. This meant that every fairgoer received the second edition of Interpoma’s official magazine, the Ipoma Magazine, printed on 100 % apple paper and bursting with news on the industry. Gerhard Dichgans coordinates the magazine, which goes into detail across numerous topics. The second edition focused on topics such as “Rise and Fall of a Superstar: Why the Red Delicious has gone downhill”, “Precision agriculture and AI predictions in orchards”, “Love and Craft: How Japan raised the apple to the status of cultural asset”, “Juicy Dividends in Normandy: How apples not suited for raw consumption are transformed into cider and Calvados”.

The Prognosfruit 2023 was held in Trentino (Italy) and revealed that forecast European production will reach 11,411,000 tons, a 3.3 % drop compared to last year. The country dragging production down is Poland, the largest European apple producer overall, with a – 11.1 % drop YOY. If we turn to Italy, production levels are strong yet stable, helping it maintain its second position in Europe with an estimated 2,104,000 tons. If we dig deeper, South Tyrolean and Trentino production are on the rise, respectively at + 7 % and + 4 %. Moving to upcoming trends, France and Spain have proved to be quite lively markets: Forecasts for France speak of a harvest equaling 1,501,000 tons, + 7.9 % YOY on growth and + 9.5 % compared to the average of the last three years. Spain performs even better with its 536.000 tons, representing an astounding + 30.1 % YOY growth and + 14.8 % compared to the average of the last three years. However, what goes up, must come down: That fate has befallen Germany, as estimates speak of a harvest yielding 952,000 tons, i.e. – 11.2 % YOY and – 7.9 % compared to the last triennium.

These new trends and much, much more will be in the spotlight between 21 and 23 November 2024 in Bolzano during Interpoma and the satellite Interpoma Congress, where international apple experts gather to exchange ideas and updates about the industry.

Experts from applied research, producers, sellers, and other stakeholders from the apple ecosystem attending the 12th edition of the international apple trade show Interpoma identified an increasing labor shortage as well as climate change as the key challenges for the global apple industry. Interpoma 2022 saw more international visitors than ever before, and the exhibitors expressed their exceptionally high satisfaction with this year’s show.

The success of Interpoma exceeded all expectations: after four long years, from 17th to 19th November the Fiera Bolzano exhibition center hosted a total of 490 exhibitors, 30 % of which from abroad, and more than 16,000 visitors from over 70 countries.

With a total number of 800 attendees, the international Interpoma Congress was sold out completely. While Day 1 offered an insider perspective into the developments in the US apple sector, Day 2 focused on presentations by the world’s leading manufacturers of apple harvesting robots. The guided Interpoma Tours were also fully booked and provided 500 international visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the modern fruit-selling and fruit-producing companies of South Tyrol. All trade show and congress attendees received a free copy of the 2nd edition of the official Interpoma Magazine, which, just like the previous edition, was again printed on 100 % apple paper and offered interesting insights into the world of apple growing.

“If you were worried that the fact that there was no Interpoma for a full four years might have negatively affected the trade show’s appeal, you can rest assured. Actually, it’s quite the contrary: we have seen more international visitors than ever before, even though visitors from Asia could not attend this year due to pandemic-related restrictions,” says Thomas Mur, Fiera Bolzano’s director. “The powerful and unparalleled network of the South Tyrolean apple industry spanning sectors such as research, consulting, and marketing continues to be the key factor for success of this trade show and represents a global showcase for sustainable growth and a passion for continually improving the fruit-growing business.”

Exclusive high-tech solutions designed to combat labor shortages including robots for automated harvesting were presented at the show and will undergo further development during the next couple of years before they are ready to be launched into the market. A multitude of innovations in automation and mechanization will help make up for the lack of skilled labor. Another key area covered during Interpoma 2022 was climate change. The Interpoma Award was presented for the most innovative technologies in the field of water management in apple orchards dedicated to reducing the amount of water required to yield the same amount of crops.

A new addition to this year’s show was the Interpoma Variety Garden held at the FieraMesse H1 Eventspace, which invited visitors to embark on a colorful journey through the history of variety management and explore the world’s first exhibition of 60 branded apple varieties.

Sebastian Stocker from the manufacturer of agricultural machines of the same name based in South Tyrol, was more than happy: “Interpoma was a huge success for us! At this year’s show, we presented our company in a completely new way. We have grown quite a bit compared to the 2018 edition, and our expectations for the show were exceeded by 300 %. Many visitors found their way to our booth on all three show days.”

Gabriele Gessi from Palbox, a large-sized container manufacturer from Italy, states: “Interpoma is a very important trade show for us, because apples are our key business. We’ve expanded and redesigned our booth to show how much our company has grown and evolved during the last couple of years featuring many new and innovative products. We are more than happy with how this show turned out for us, seeing as it gave us the chance to meet so many people whom it was really hard to reach out to during the last four years.”

The next edition of the trade show dedicated to the production, storage, and marketing of apples will again be held in Bolzano in November 2024. Recordings of both days of the Interpoma Congress will be made available on the trade show’s website for anyone to enjoy in the meantime.

For the first time in its history, Interpoma, the international apple trade show, which takes place between November 17th and 19th, will host the Variety Garden, an exhibition of 55 managed apple varieties from around the world.

The 12th edition of Interpoma will be full of colour. During the international apple industry trade show, which takes place between 17 and 19 November, Fiera Bolzano’s FieraMesse H1 Eventspace will host an exhibition of 55 managed apple varieties which come from leading apple-producing countries from around the world, including New Zealand, the United States and France as well as Italy, which stars South Tyrol and Trentino. The Interpoma Variety Garden, the latest addition to the Interpoma 2022 program, is organized in partnership with the Variety Innovation Consortium South Tyrol (SK) and Laimburg Research Centre.

“We came up with the Variety Garden as a way to bring Interpoma’s innovative and international spirit to life through colour and appearance”, says Thomas Mur, Managing Director of Fiera Bolzano. “The managed apple varieties come from leading apple-producing countries across the world and tell the story of the system’s thirty year history. It begins with the first managed varieties which were produced exactly thirty years ago, such as KIKU® and Pink Lady®, right up to new varieties which are only just hitting the supermarket shelves. We are extremely proud to be the first and only to have brought together the abundance of heritage varieties under one roof” adds Mur.

Colour will be the undisputed star of the Variety Garden. The exhibited fruits will display a remarkably wide range of hues, from the bright yellow of yello® and opal® apples, to the fresh, bright green of GreenStar®, to the dark, intense red of Crimson Snow®, all the way up to attractive new varieties with red flesh branded as Red Moon®, Kissabel® and LucyGlo.

Interpoma Variety Garden is just one of the many side events planned for the 12th edition of Interpoma. The Opening Night will take place on November 16th, on the eve of the fair’s opening, and will present winners with the Interpoma Award, a contest which rewards the best innovations in the water conservation field. The Interpoma Congress takes place on November 17th and 18th, and will focus on the apple industry of the United States and robotic harvesting. Interpoma Tours, 10 guided visits of South Tyrol and Trentino’s most innovative companies within the apple industry, will take place on all three days.

Data presented during the Prognosfruit conference speak to Poland’s and Italy’s good recovery. Forecasts for organic harvests are very promising. This year’s Interpoma Award will focus on sustainability.

Apple production figures showing overall stability are emerging from Prognosfruit, the annual conference organized by WAPA, the World Apple and Pear Association. During its 2022 edition, held in attendance in Belgrade after two years of pandemic-related online editions, the data presented on the upcoming European apple harvest estimate a yield of 12,168,000 tons which represent a slight growth of 1 % compared to 2021.

Poland spearheads the effort, boasting 4,495,000 tons (+ 5 %), followed by Italy at 2,150,000 tons, which equals a 5 % year-on-year growth. If we look at Italy, South Tyrol – the best-performing apple-growing region – registers a slight decrease in production (- 3 %) at 912,803 tons. A similar drop is evident in the Trentino region (- 1 %) with a forecast of 507,360 tons. France ranks third at 1,468,000 tons (+ 6 %), with Germany slightly behind at 1,067,000 tons (+ 6 %). One of the growing trends is Italy’s organic harvest, which is expected to reach a new record at just under 200,000 tons (+ 4 % YOY growth), representing more than 9 % of the total apple yield.

These facts and figures will dominate the Interpoma Congress scheduled for November 17 and 18 at Fiera Bolzano during the Interpoma trade fair (November 17-19, 2022). The international apple fair will focus on the industry’s innovations and cutting-edge automated fruit-picking technology, with experts from all over the world contributing to the debate. The program will, as usual, include many new items of interest, including the Congress’ coordinator himself, Walter Guerra. He has been the Vice-Director of the Laimburg Research Center since 2021, and the Head of the Pomology Working Group from 2005 onwards. Tickets to Interpoma Congress can be purchased online, with the Early Bird ticket costing €54 until August 31; after that, tickets will cost €69.

The most important world fair on apples would not be what it is without the Interpoma Award. The 2022 edition will focus on cutting-edge water-saving technologies in apple-growing. Two prizes will be awarded this year: one will go to companies or individuals, the other to start-ups. An expert jury will analyze the products or services submitted, such as machines, systems, components or devices. Applications for the award can be submitted by filling out an application form in English and sending it to The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2022.

The next edition of Interpoma, the only international trade show dedicated to the apple sector, will take place in 2022, from November 17th -19th.

After a thorough evaluation and a series of discussions with exhibiting companies, Fiera Bolzano has decided to return to the usual trade show calendar, which sees Interpoma as a biennial event scheduled in even-numbered years, alternating with Agrialp, the agricultural trade show of the Alpine arc, in odd-numbered years. After the 2020 edition had to be held exclusively as a digital event, it was initially planned to repeat Interpoma in physical presence in 2021. However, considering the exclusive format of Interpoma which, in addition to the trade show, includes a program of customized tours at the regional level and the involvement of the entire city of Bolzano, transformed for the occasion into the apple capital, the Board of Directors of Fiera Bolzano has decided to reschedule Interpoma in 2022, from November 17th to 19th.

“The uncertainty regarding international travel for next fall has led us to the decision, after a thorough evaluation, to postpone the Interpoma trade show to 2022. Interpoma thrives on an international atmosphere with trade visitors from all over the world. We are confident that in 2022 we will be able again to offer a format that fulfils the expectations of our exhibitors, visitors and partners”, says Thomas Mur, Managing Director of Fiera Bolzano.

Indeed, Interpoma makes internationality its main strength. At the last edition in attendance, in 2018, visitors came from 70 different countries.

The next appointment with Interpoma at Fiera Bolzano is therefore from November 17th – 19th, 2022.

Interpoma 2020, the international fair dedicated to the world of apples planned for the coming November in Bolzano will be presented in a new hybrid format, which will see events both in digital format and in physical presence. “Interpoma Connects 2020: Digital Days for the Apple Economy”, which is the name of the appointment, will take place 19 and 20 November, while the traditional physical exhibition will be moved to 2021. The decision was made by the Board of Directors of Fiera Bolzano after having conducted a survey among the international public and was of the opinion that the distinctive international character of Interpoma was therefore potentially compromised due to the present and future international travel restrictions.

Interpoma 2020 will be changing look and become “Interpoma Connects 2020: Digital Days for the Apple Economy”, two days of events and webinar. The new format which will replace the “traditional” fair the 19 and 20 coming November foresees the traditional international Congress “Interpoma Congress” available both online and in person, “Interpoma Future Hub”, a digital platform for the promotion of international start- and scaleups, and new events as “Interpoma Business Match”, a virtual matchmaking platform for companies and customers in collaboration with EEN (European Enterprise Network) and the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano. The “traditional” fair, with the exhibits will be held next year, from 4 to 6 November 2021.

In the last few years Fiera Bolzano, along with the collaboration of customers and partners, has invested a great deal in the internationalization of Interpoma reaching during the 2018 edition, 20,000 visitors and 460 exhibitors from 74 and 24 countries worldwide. This is precisely what led to the decision of transforming the 2020 format and moving the “Classical” fair to 2021 so as not to compromise this important and essential component of internationalization of the event due to the many widespread international travel restrictions.

“Over the years we have done everything possible to give Interpoma an international aspect together with our partners and customers. At the end of the day this element is crucial. However, the international character of Interpoma is also essential in the world of apples where South Tyrol is a leader on the world market. Hence the decision for a new, internationally accessible digital format” – states Armin Hilpold, President of Fiera Bolzano.
“The Covid-crisis has proved that nothing can replace physical encounters when it comes to business relationships. However, it is in these particular times that our new concept hybrid event formats enable us to remain active in the international business community and to connect our exhibitors with their clients” – concludes Armin Hilpold.

The appointment therefore is online the 19 and 20 November 2020 with “Interpoma Connects 2020: Digital Days for the Apple Economy”, and, for those who wish also at Fiera Bolzano for “Interpoma Congress”.

International trade show for production, storage and marketing of apples

Bolzano, 15 – 17 November 2018

With its motto “Bolzano loves apples”, Interpoma, the only international trade show dedicated to the apple, from November 15 to 17 will be welcoming guests from all over the world with a program of events and themed initiatives outside the trade show and across the whole city. Bolzano, as the international capital of the apple, will itself be turned into a true “big apple” during this period.

Interpoma 2018, the two-yearly international trade show dedicated entirely to the apple sector, is scheduled for November 15 to 17 this year at the Bolzano trade show center: there will be a special program of evening events, themed exhibitions and tastings of apple-derived products, featuring numerous enterprises from right across the city, including restaurants and hotels, as well as bars, bakeries and confectioners.

Interpoma is a major event capable of attracting 20,000 visitors to Bolzano from over 70 countries around the world and, with 500 enterprises present, makes South Tyrol a unique market place for the apple sector. With its program “Bolzano loves Apples”, Interpoma offers guests a unique sensory experience for their business trip that can be enjoyed all over the city.

Origins: an exhibition between past, present and future

Interpoma 2018 invites visitors on a journey through the history of the apple, with an exhibition that shows the origins of the apple in Kazakhstan, explains new possibilities for refining and processing, and offers a view of the technologies of the future.

Interpoma Taste

For the first time, Interpoma will this year feature an area inside the pavilion where visitors can taste apple-derived products and much more besides. The Laimburg Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry is presenting innovative apple juices, with tastings and judgings of ciders arranged by its Evaluation Lab. VOG PRODUCTS, the producer of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry, will put the focus on apple juice, with a special section dedicated to “Pink Lady” products; while, in partnership with Red Rooster farm holidays, the Ausserloretzhof and Gasserhof farms and the Knöspele distillery will be presenting their natural products based upon ancient and traditional recipes, such as preserves and liquors.

The apple in the city

The entire city of Bolzano will for three days dedicate itself to the fruit that symbolizes the regions of Trentino and South Tyrol. In partnership with the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs (HGV), the Unione HDS and BZ Heartbeat, 30 hotels and restaurants and 20 bakeries and confectioners in Bolzano are preparing apple-based menus and specialties for the entire duration of the event.

Interpoma Delicious Events

Trade shows are places to meet and do business, but they also represent an opportunity to get to know new cultures and taste the culinary delights of the host territory. For the opening night on Thursday, November 15, Interpoma is organizing the Golden Delicious Night at the on-site Forst Season restaurant; a “golden” night for locals, but also a chance for enterprises to dine with their customers or meet each other in an elegant and pleasant environment.

Then, on the evening of Friday, November 16, two parties will be held at the Bolzano exhibition center; one, “Rouge et Noir”, is organized by the Forst Season restaurant, while the other will be staged at the Hotel Four Points by Sheraton.

Interpoma, nine guided tours to discover all the secrets of apple production in Trentino Alto Adige

The only trade show in the world dedicated solely to apple production is offering guided tours to farms and other businesses to see at first hand the innovations being introduced in the sector. The Interpoma Innovation tours and the Melinda Tour are this year’s big news.

Interpoma, the only international trade show dedicated to apples, to be held at Fiera Bolzano from November 15 to 17, has enriched its program with a series of guided tours reserved for apple sector professionals and the press, to promote the advanced production methods used in Alto Adige and demonstrate the highly innovative processing systems used here.

A total of nine daytime tours are planned, three to take place on Thursday November 15, five on Friday November 16, and one on the final day, Saturday November 17. Alongside the traditional tours looking at the organic sector and at technology, the big news this year will be the Interpoma Innovation Tours and the Melinda Tour. On Friday there will be an opportunity to take part in tours to look at innovation in the food sector, one in the morning and one in the afternoon: NOI Techpark, the Alto Adige technology park that brings businesses, researchers and students together to generate innovation, will show at first hand the work of startups operating in the food technology, automation, and green and alpine technologies sector. On Saturday morning, it will be the turn of Interpoma Tour Melinda, starting with a tour of MondoMelinda, the Consorzio Melinda visitor center in Segno di Predaia (TN), followed by a tour of the “underground cells”, vast galleries carved out of the rock, 275 m below the surface, which are used to store apples.

Moving on to the traditional tours, the first two will be for anyone particularly interested in finding out more about the organic sector; they will be run in parallel on the first day early in the morning. The destination will be Val Venosta, the apple-growing area par excellence, with a general presentation of the environment, a tour of the Vi.p Laces Bio Cooperative in Laces (BZ) and another tour of an organic apple farm.
The third and final tour on Thursday is scheduled for the afternoon and will visit Laives, where a general presentation will be given, followed by two tours, the first to an apple farm in the area, and the second to the “VOG Products” Cooperative, an innovative business processing fruit from Alto Adige and Trentino.

Friday will begin at 8.30 with a tour in the Bronzolo (BZ) area, during which there will be visits to Consorzio VOG’s “Grufrut” Cooperative and an apple farm in Magrè. The tour is expected to finish by 12.
The last two tours will run simultaneously (1.30 pm – 5 pm) in the afternoon. One will head for Vilpiano, with a tour of a Bolzano apple farm and the company “Egma/Fructus Meran”, which specializes in fruit processing and marketing. The other afternoon tour will be to Lana, to visit an apple farm and a checking station for spraying equipment.

Each tour costs 80 euros (including a trade show entry ticket) per person and reservations are already available online on the tours page of the official website: