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This year, within the context of the world’s most important packaging event, interpack, the spotlight was focused on Women in Packaging, a panel discussion featuring five industry female leaders. An audience of more than 150 people attended the panel on 8 May, demonstrating that this is a hot topic that will continue to be discussed even after the Düsseldorf trade fair has concluded.

Valentina Aureli, CEO of the Aetna Group together with her brother Enrico, was among the protagonists of the panel. She shared her view on women’s position in the world of packaging and spoke about her career path. In addition to her, other prominent professionals shared their stories at the event: Afsaneh Nabifar, Head of Market Development for Biopolymers at BASF; Australian Nadia Taylor, co-founder and director of TNA Solutions; Marjo Halonen, Vice President of Communications at Metsä Board Corporation in Finland; and Gabi Bauer, Head of Marketing and Communications at Uhlmann Pac-Systeme.

For the first time at interpack, this year’s format was organised with the support of the World Packaging Organization, WPO. Furthermore, it was created to inspire and disseminate the testimonies of women who have made their mark on the packaging industry. In fact, until recently, this sector was dominated mainly by men. However, it is now also being positively valued by many young women who wish to pursue careers in this area.

Valentina Aureli explained to the audience that she gained her experience in international high finance at Rothschild Banking. However, over the past two decades, she and her brother have guided Aetna Group towards steady global growth with the main brands Robopac and OCME. “It is important to be the same person both at home and at work, and to always put yourself out there”, commented the CEO, “but keeping in mind three fundamental coordinates, which have helped me overcome challenges in both my personal and professional lives. Be real, be whole and be innovative”. She stated emphatically: “Essentially, this means being oneself regardless of external influences, being whole by following one’s principles, and finally being innovative by employing not only rational, but emotional and social intelligence as well. All this is very valuable in working environments”.

At Aetna Group, talent development is the basis of a rich and stimulating work system, which knows no cultural or gender differences.

Valentina Aureli commented on the subject, stating: “I am fortunate to be able to say that our Group is filled with talented individuals, many of whom are women. We have several female managers on the front line in China, Mexico, Italy and America, even in sectors and departments in which women have traditionally been under-represented and where specific product knowledge is required. I am referring to engineering, sales engineering, after-sales, sales and spare parts. It is also noteworthy that there are women managers in more traditional roles, such as marketing, human resources, and administration. My choices to place women in certain key roles reflect their ability to coordinate and facilitate processes”.

This was a successful event and a source of inspiration for many young women, as well as a very sensitive topic within the Group. The latter had already proposed and organised it on several occasions through the Robopac USA subsidiary under the same title: the first time in October 2022 at Pack-Expo in Chicago, and then twice more this year in Duluth, home of the American HQ.

Registration for components opens simultaneously

Interested companies from the packaging industry and the associated processing industry can register for interpack 2023 online at right now. The trade fair will take place from 04 to 10 May 2023 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre.

interpack is a platform for complete value chains. This includes processes and machines for packaging and processing packaged goods, along with packaging materials, packaging containers and packaging manufacture, complete with services for the packaging industry.

Exhibitors that gained approval for interpack 2021, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, can rebook.

The supplier trade fair, components, will take place in parallel with interpack again. You can also register for this now, at

components will be held alongside once more

The next interpack will take place from 04 to 10 May 2023 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre. Messe Düsseldorf set this date in agreement with its partners and committees. Interested companies from the packaging sector and the associated processing industry will be able to register online at from the end of March/beginning of April provided all goes to plan. Exhibitors who were approved for interpack 2021, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, have already been able to reserve their stand positions for 2023 and will now be able to rebook when they register.

components will take place in parallel with interpack. It is oriented towards the supplier sector for the packaging and processing industry. You can register for components in the same period as interpack by accessing and will regularly provide information on industry trends and innovations up until the next edition of both trade fairs. The online presence of the upcoming interpack and components 2023 is also being built up and expanded.

Comprehensive hygiene plan for the 2021 trade fair

Thomas Dohse (50) has been the new leader of interpack in his capacity as Project Director since the start of September. He follows Bernd Jablonowski, who rose to the Managing Board of Messe Düsseldorf as an Executive Director.

Dohse has woven an excellent web of connections within the global packaging industry and the related process industry. He has been part of the interpack team at Messe Düsseldorf since 2005 and led interpack 2017 on an operative level as Deputy Director. During this period, the father of three supported many formative themes for interpack, such as SAVE FOOD and the special shows under the innovationparc label. These are now also successful at the international events within the scope of the interpack alliance, which will also be led by Dohse in the future.

The upcoming interpack in Düsseldorf was postponed from its original date in May 2020 to the following year, due to the Corona pandemic. It will now take place from 25 February to 3 March 2021 and continues to be fully booked.

Messe Düsseldorf relies on a comprehensive hygiene concept in order to protect exhibitors and visitors. “interpack is the most important event in the international packaging industry and, especially in times of crisis, provides crucial stimuli in order to build a successful future for the companies involved. Therefore, we give our all in order to do justice to this responsibility and simultaneously guarantee the best possible protection of the health of the people coming to our trade fair centre”, emphasises Thomas Dohse.

The hygiene plan has already proved that it lives up to its motto: “PROTaction – Back to Business” with Caravan Salon, the first trade fair at the Düsseldorf trade fair centre after the Corona break. After selling personalised tickets exclusively online before the trade fair, extensive hygiene measures shaped implementation of the concept on-site.

New date 25 February to 3 March 2021

Messe Düsseldorf is postponing the leading international trade fair interpack. It will now take place from 25 February to 3 March 2021.

In doing so, Messe Düsseldorf is following the recommendation of the crisis management team of the German Federal Government to take into account the principles of the Robert Koch Institute when assessing the risk of major events. Based on this recommendation and the recent significant increase in the number of people infected with the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), including in Europe, Messe Düsseldorf has reassessed the situation. In addition, there is the general ruling issued by the city of Düsseldorf on 11 March 2020, in which major events with more than 1,000 participants present at the same time are generally prohibited.

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