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IBC and NewTree Fruit Company to expand access to patented De-Sugaring Technology

InterContinental Beverage Capital and Travers City, MI-based NewTree Fruit Company (NTFC) are taking NTFC’s patented De-Sugaring Technology to the next level. The two companies will be collaborating on ways to bring NTFC’s revolutionary technology into IBC’s Bevnology product development facility in Tyron, GA (US).

Since 2016, IBC and NTFC have been working together to reduce sugar consumption among consumers of all demographics worldwide. With global patent approvals in the US, Europe, and Asia, NTFC’s De-Sugaring Technology has proven successful in reducing sugar to 1 g or less in an 8 oz juice-based product, while delivering great taste and the full nutritional value of two servings of fruit. Now, by integrating their technology into IBC’s client offerings, NTFC and IBC are poised to directly impact the speed-to-market while broadening product offerings for large global brands and businesses seeking a healthier, more flavourful offering with almost 0 sugar.

IBC founding partner, Stephen Horgan added “We have experimented with implementing this on a small scale since February and are extremely encouraged with the results. Working with NTFC, Louis Heinsz, our lead IBC partner at Bevnology Labs has been able to create a broad array of products that deliver these healthy consumer benefits with great taste across non-alcohol and alcohol products alike.”

Less sugar is a top priority for consumers today and there is an increasing expectation of healthier product solutions with reduced sugar which also deliver on taste. NewTree has cracked this code with their patented process that captures the authentic experience of fruit juice and can be utilised in a multitude of formulation applications. Consumers deserve products that meet this expectation and the many beverage and food offerings today, including the most popular brands on retailers’ shelves, fall short of delivering on this. The demand for healthier, low-sugar product solutions is rapidly increasing among consumers, and NTFC’s De-Sugaring Technology has emerged as the leading solution to this problem. By partnering with IBC, NTFC is even better positioned to bring its calorie reducing, de-sugaring technology to the forefront of the beverage industry and help more brands and companies to offer great tasting, healthy products to all consumers.

About InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc.
IBC is a New York-based advisory and investment firm focused on the beverage and consumer packaged goods industries. IBC has a worldwide network of strategic industry contacts, lending institutions, consultants, recruiters, and management teams. These sources provide expertise, industry capabilities, access to new customers, and valuable investment and commercial banking capabilities to partnership companies. IBC is actively seeking investments in its targeted verticals companies, which have unique products and dedicated management that exhibit the ability to develop into category leaders.

About NewTree Fruit Company
NewTree Fruit Company is a Travers City, MI-based company dedicated to reducing sugar consumption among consumers worldwide. With its patented De-Sugaring Technology, NewTree has successfully reduced sugar to 1 g or less in an 8 oz juice-based product while maintaining taste and delivering the full nutritional value of two servings of fruit.