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Herbie Virgin is a new product with no alcohol. Herbie Virgin is hand distilled like a gin with juniper, Danish apples, lavender and orange peel just without the alcohol.

“It has been very interesting to develop a product with the taste of gin, but without the alcohol. We believe there is a big market for alcohol free alternatives for people who doesn’t drink or just want to drink less alcohol”, says Anders Bilgram, who is the man behind Herbie Gin together with Danish rum producer Anders Skotlander. “The range of non alcohol beers have been growing in Scandinavia for the last couple of years, e.g the Danish microbrewer Mikkeller’s second most selling beer is the non alcohol “Drink’in The Sun””, Anders Skotlander says.

Distilled as a regular gin

Herbie Virgin is distilled at the same stills that produce Herbie Gin, which has become one of the best selling gins on the Danish market, since it was launched in December 2016.

“We hand distill Herbie Virgin the same way we distill Herbie Gin. We use real botanicals like juniper, Danish apples, lavender and orange peel, but without the alcohol”, says Anders Bilgram.

Distilled as a regular gin

Herbie Virgin distilled at Nordic Distillery in Northern Jutland in the same stills, which make the award-winning Danish Herbie Gin, who in december was awarded the double gold medal at the blind tasting in New York.

“We hand distils Herbie Virgin completely, as when we make a standard gin, that is to say with botanicals such as Juniper, Danish apples, lavender flowers and orange peel just without alcohol”, says Anders Bilgram.

The taste of gin

Herbie Virgin is made so that it fits perfectly in a Gin & Tonic with plenty of ice and a slice of fresh Apple or peel of orange.

“It’s a new type of product, but our ambition was to create something with great taste and the scent of a fresh and fruity gin. And I have to say that it actually tastes really good”, says Anders Bilgram.