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At Vitafoods Europe, health-promoting natural ingredients expert Taiyo will present brand new innovations that address consumer trends such as veganism, sports nutrition and weight management.

Product developers and buyers looking for innovative ingredients with health-promoting properties in Geneva should head to Taiyo’s stand. The natural-source functional ingredients company will showcase several new products that may prove to be game changers. Taiyo’s Moringa Extract S contains the glucosinolate glucomoringin (GMG); this so-called genetic switch exerts its effect on the human body by activating natural physiological mechanisms to produce more energy. The positive effects of GMG — such as inhibiting inflammation and protecting against neurodegenerative disorders — have already been proven in numerous studies.

Chia seeds have become a popular omega-3 source in recent years. Not widely known is that these small seeds are also an excellent protein source and offer all the amino acids that an adult needs every day, making it particularly interesting as an alternative source of protein for sports nutrition. Taiyo now presents XiaPure® Chia Protein, a finely milled high-quality vegan protein powder from Chile. This protein-rich source — produced from hand-grown plants and specially selected, purified seeds — contains high levels of protein (40 %) and dietary fibre (38 %), as well as antioxidants and minerals that have a positive effect on muscle mass, weight management and energy levels. The ingredient is perfectly suited for ready-to-drink shakes, milk and sticks, as well as protein-enriched buiscuits or bakery premixes, for example.

The third innovation also addresses a market segment that has been growing steadily for years: weight management. Taiyo’s solution is a tasty and satisfying vegan protein shake concept that contains health-promoting natural ingredients: XiaPure® Chia Protein powder (an excellent plant-based protein source), Sunfiber® (low FODMAP dietary fiber), whole green coffee powder (WGCP) and SunActive® Q-10E. It also comprises a delivery system consisting of micronized and micro-encapsulated Coenzyme Q10 to enhance the bioavailability of the micronutrient. Hence, Taiyo’s new organic, non-allergic vegan protein shake concept combines everything that health- and weight-conscious people like and need: ingredients that deliver high-quality micro- and macronutrients, the performance-enhancing Q10 source, an extended feeling of satiety, thanks to the highly digestible fiber, a slow but long-lasting release of natural caffeine and a great cappucino taste.

An exciting novelty regarding the active substances omega-3 and ALA (alpha linolenic acid) is Taiyo’s SunActive® Chia Oil Powder. ALA is nutritionally important for maintaining a healthy blood cholesterol level. The substance is not spray-dried, but produced using an extremely gentle process that preserves a significantly higher yield of the health-promoting, sensitive ingredients. The powder is 100 % self-emulsifying in cold water and has been specially developed for use in products such as shakes, sticks, sachets and instant beverage supplements.