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Made with 100% fruit juice1 to infuse fun into any part of the day – snack time, meal time, or dessert

Dole Packaged Foods launches good-for-you take on the classic snack: Dole® Wiggles™ Fruit Juice Gels
(Photo: Dole)

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, released its latest innovation: Dole® Wiggles Fruit Juice Gels. A wholesome take on the classic treat, Dole® Wiggles Fruit Juice Gels are crafted with 100 % fruit juice1 to bring a new level of fun to meal or snack time throughout the day – because only the fun fruit wiggles.

The new snacks come in three bright, fruit-forward flavours: strawberry, orange, and cherry. They’re not only good for you – they’re also convenient for busy families on the go. Unlike many processed and sugary gelatin snacks currently found on shelves, each Dole® Wiggles cup delivers an excellent source of Vitamin C with no added sugar2 and no artificial flavours. Dole® Wiggles cups contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial preservatives, and are non-GMO and gluten-free.

Dole® Wiggles Fruit Juice Gels are sold in packs of four individual 4.3oz cups for an MSRP of $2.99. Wiggles are available at select retailers in the US and online.

1With natural flavors and other ingredients.
2Not a low calorie food. See nutrition facts for sugar and calorie content.

As the battle for superfruit supremacy rages on a new product is set to return the title to the true superfruit. A product that offers an entirely new way to experience a fruit with more nutritional benefits and social mission that provides generational change.

Introducing bevCacao — a radical new beverage loaded with goodness and social responsibility. Armed with the ethos “Good for you. Good for them,” bevCacao stands behind its one-two punch of nutrition and community support.

First, what’s in it for the consumer: Cacao provides three times the antioxidants of pomegranate. Twice as many as acai. Jam-packed with prize-fighting flavanols to deliver a knockout blow to toxins and free radicals. Vegan-friendly immune system support with no added sugars to boot.

Grown in uber nutrient-rich, unfertilised soil along the equator, cacao fruit comes from small family farms. Unlike other fruits, cacao doesn’t grow on branches. It grows on the trunk, meaning farmers must carefully cut the fruit away without damaging the tree. No nutrients are fertilised away — everything says right there in the fruit.

Previously, cacao was only coveted for its seeds — yes, cacao seeds are the base of what becomes chocolate. Farmers would scoop out these seeds, but the pulp of the cacao fruit was a waste product dropped onto the plantation floor. And what a waste indeed, as the pulp makes up roughly 30 percent of the pod and holds much of the nutrients.

Beyond antioxidants, bevCacao is loaded with fiber, promotes a healthy gut and balanced mind-body connection, hydrates on a cellular level, and improves cardio health. Essential minerals like magnesium turn glucose into energy. It’s perfect for an electrolyte boost post-workout or to sip whenever users need a little boost to their day.

On top of everything, bevCacao is sustainably harvested and canned and represents a massive profit boost for farmers who cultivate it. By using this pulp in its juices, bevCacao is creating a life-changing new revenue stream for these hard-working farmers without adding much extra work.

Beyond nutritional value and social impact, another differentiator for bevCacao is the taste.

Given its close connection to cocoa, one might assume that bevCacao will have a chocolate flavour. But while cacao juice offers the same health benefits of chocolate, the taste will come as a surprise to many. Not a hint of chocolate is to be found. Instead, bevCacao is fruity, sweet, and tangy, like the tropics after a storm. Users get notes of banana, white peach, lychee, and a spritz of lemon.

bevCacao is available online at, and

State-of-the-Art Ohio (U.S.) facility helps processors accelerate product rollout

Following its recent re-entry into the high pressure processing (HPP) market, Quintus Technologies is opening a state-of- the-art Application Center in Columbus, OH (U.S.). Under the leadership of Ngoc Phan, globally recognized as one of the world’s most experienced HPP application experts, the Center will assist food and beverage processors with the development of the preservative-free, ‘good-for-you’ products demanded by today’s consumers.

“Despite thousands of commercial HPP products currently available around the globe, one source of continued frustration to more food companies is the time involved in the realization of their new HPP products market rollouts,” observes Ed Williams, General Manager – Americas, Quintus Technologies. “A key objective of our new Application Center is to reduce those delays by putting our internal and external HPP expertise to work.”

The Center’s menu of services spans the entire HPP development process, from optimized product formulations and packaging to in-house pathogen validation, shelf-life studies, and assistance with HACCP implementation and regulatory compliance. In both scope and pace, evaluation and support offerings are geared to accelerate the speed at which processors bring new HPP products to market.

The new Application Center, part of a 5,200-sf demonstration suite, features a commercial size Quintus QIF 150L HPP modular system. Reflecting the company’s leadership role in high pressure for nearly three-quarters of a century, the press incorporates new mechanical and digital solutions such as an integrated pumping system, frequency-controlled motor drives, new smart-press functionality, and AI algorithm-based condition monitoring, all advances that improve efficiency and productivity.

The facility is also equipped with a test kitchen, microbiology laboratory, analytical laboratory, vacuum packaging machine, walk-in cooler, and freezer.

Application Center services are available to any food or beverage company wanting to advance the commercial growth of HPP foods. Processors interested in investing directly in a Quintus Technologies food system receive additional benefits through Quintus® Care, a comprehensive program of application know-how and best-in-class aftermarket technical support, designed for industry 4.0 and factory-of-the-future connectivity.

“We are very excited about the opportunities to help the food industry address global sustainability challenges such as food waste, product recalls, and related foodborne illnesses through the HPP technology we pioneered,” says Jan Söderström, CEO and President of Quintus Technologies. “We look forward to welcoming processors to our Application Center open house planned for late April 2022.”