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Vitafoods Europe 2022, booth C94: Euromed presents its extended range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts™ for healthy ageing and wellbeing

At this year’s Vitafoods Europe, Euromed will showcase its well-known standardised herbal extracts, the Earth Harmony Organic Extracts®, as well as a growing portfolio of natural ingredients inspired by the health-promoting properties of the Mediterranean diet. In addition to lemon, olive, fig, artichoke and pomegranate fruit extracts, the iconic botanical manufacturer will also showcase its recently launched sports nutrition ingredient, the spinach-derived Spisar®. Visitors to the Euromed booth will learn more about the latest research findings, health benefits and various applications of these high-quality extracts, suitable for inclusion in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, food and beverage finished products.

An ever-increasing older population wishing to stay well into later life is driving demand for products that support an active and healthy lifestyle. Euromed’s Wellemon®, Pomanox®, Mediteanox®, ABAlife® and Cynamed® extracts perfectly tap into this trend, as they contain valuable nutrients that play a key role in the Mediterranean diet and have been proven to support cardiovascular, metabolic, antioxidant, digestive, immune and skeletal muscle functions, all of which are critical for healthy ageing. Inspired by this nutritional model, Euromed will be highlighting its portfolio of extracts and presenting its new Spisar® spinach extract. Obtained from the nutrient-rich leaves of spinach cultivated in southern Spain, it is gently processed with the Pure-Hydro Process®, an eco-friendly, proprietary extraction technology that uses only purified water as a solvent. Spinach leaves have a naturally high content of phytoecdysteroids, plant secondary metabolites with a wide range of potential physiological and health benefits, such as improved physical performance and skeletal muscle fitness. Spisar® is standardized for 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) – the major naturally-occurring ecdysteroid in plants.

Researchers from the Sports Physiology Department at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)1, in Spain, investigated the efficacy of daily consumption of Spisar® spinach extract compared to placebo in combination with moderate-intensity skeletal muscle strength training.

The results of the 12-week randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial revealed that supplementation with Spisar® significantly improved muscle strength and muscle quality in subjects aged over 50 compared to a placebo. The published study also highlighted improvements in muscle mass and quality, as well as quality of life. The authors concluded that Spisar® in conjunction with physical exercise may exert overall “all-body strengthening” adaptogenic activity, and may be beneficial for improving and maintaining muscle health and fitness, both of which are crucial for healthy ageing.

1Pérez-Piñero, (2021): A 12-Week Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial,Evaluating the Effect of Supplementation with a Spinach Extract on Skeletal Muscle Fitness in Adults Older Than 50 Years of Age. Nutrients 2021, 13, 4373.