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With “taste” being such a trending focal point at SIAL Paris 2018 many visitors were keen to discover our passion fruit exotic juice and food preps

Passina’s new branding and natural passion fruit-based food products attracted the attention of crowds of international food stakeholders at SIAL Paris 2018. Almost 160,000 visitors attended the international food trade fair.

“Our clients and partners understood our new concept and approach towards branding in the face of the intense competition the sector faces today. We know that collaboration is key to developing new products”, said Dr Pablo Hafner, Passina Group CEO.

Exploiting the innovation of passion fruit-products

“We have our own R&D department and are also partnering with various research organisations, mainly in the US and Europe. We are now in the research phase and want to launch nutritional supplements based on passion fruit in 2019”, added the CEO.

International experts in the food industry can discover the new applications through recipes prepared by the R&D team for the show:

  • Tastings of passion fruit juice, smoothies and dips.
  • Concept cards adapted to different sectors: juice & food preps, confectionery and cosmetics.
  • Besides adding an exotic and savoury touch to dishes, passion fruit and its ingredients offer a range of health benefits, such as:
  • Adding low-calorie, enriching fibres to dietetic snacks (from seeds).
  • Reducing sleep disorders and restlessness through herbal teas (from leaves and extracts).
  • Anti-inflammatory effects.

Digital presentations displayed at the Passina stand presented the company and its new brand identity. Passina attracted potential collaborators from various sectors and new business partnerships emerged during the busy fair. “We have seen positive outcomes from sales, R&D, and project managers within the food and nutritional supplement sectors”, said Hafner.

This all forms part of the ongoing development of Passi AG, including the sale of the non-passion fruit business to Döhler Group. The sale is currently being evaluated by the antitrust authorities and is conditional on their approval, with the outcome expected to be announced by the first half of November 2018.