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Blossom Water LLC introduces Blossom Water Version 2.0, a transformational evolution of the category-creating essence water that is distinguished by appreciation and use of blossom botanicals. More than ever, Blossom Water checks all the boxes in addressing those core values that mainstream, discriminating buyers seek: a drink that is healthful, convenient to consume and, above all, truly enjoyable.

New Health Benefits
With Version 2.0, Blossom Water ups the ante as a better-for-you beverage. While a touch of sweetener remains indispensable for carrying the lively yet nuanced flavors that are Blossom Water’s hallmark, this new version has been reformulated to more than halve the original’s already low calorie and sugar content. Through a proprietary, next-generation sweetener blend, each serving is now only 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar ─ with 0 (zero) compromise on taste. Moreover, in the spirit of offering an even cleaner label, erythritol and agave have been eliminated. Version 2.0 also provides a new and valuable functional benefit for supporting immune health. With this game-changing enhancement, Blossom Water is the only shelf-stable RTD beverage providing clinically proven immune support efficacy on a par with that of probiotics.
Immunity has become an area of paramount interest for food and beverage consumers, in keeping with the trend toward a more preventive approach for protecting health. Surveys show immune support to be consumers’ second most desired functional benefit, behind only general health and wellness. That’s not surprising since a strong immune system is the best defense for maintaining wellness and vitality. Natural immunity can be operating at less than full strength due to a host of factors: dietary or sleep deficiency, age (children, for example, don’t have fully developed immune systems) or just plain stress brought on by today’s fast-paced way of life. To help address the need, Blossom Water Version 2.0 includes Staimune®, an FDA GRAS functional ingredient that was developed by Ganeden, now part of Kerry Group.

New Packaging
To signify these fundamental improvements, as well as aid convenience and versatility, Blossom Water Version 2.0 sports completely refreshed packaging. The label is now dramatic matte white, suggestive of the heightened wellness value, while strikingly superimposed flower and fruit watercolors convey the same dedicated commitment to flavor. Instead of glass, the bottle is now 100 % recyclable, BPA-free PET for better portability (lighter weight with no breakage worry) that fits with busy lifestyles and a wide range of occasions for consumption. Finally, the logo’s blossom image is thrown into sharper relief, clearly tying to the brand’s original inspiration and ongoing vision for development.

New Flavor
That vision is on display with the expansion of Blossom Water’s product line to include mango hibiscus, a new flavor that fuses succulent, mellow mango with the gentle, berry-like zest of hibiscus. Touted as “the king of fruits” in Asia and South America for its luscious juiciness, mango is gaining favor in the U.S. with growing influence of more ethnically diverse Millennials. At the same time, hibiscus in food and drink has begun to catch fire in the country. Whole Foods Market ranks floral flavors as #1 on its list of top 10 trends for 2018, and further singles out hibiscus as a “hot part of the trend.” Blossom Water’s hibiscus comes from Hibiscus sabdariffa that’s sustainably grown by local farmers in Sudan and Nigeria, who handpick and sun-dry the ruby red bases (calyces) of the flowers after bloom. Hibiscus has been consumed as a beverage for hundreds of years across Africa, Asia and Latin America. In Northern Africa, for instance, weddings and other special events are toasted with a glass of karkade, water infused with hibiscus calyces and sweetened with honey. In Southeast Asia, the calyces are frequently made into a syrup and poured over ice. And throughout Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean ─ where hibiscus is often called Jamaica ─ agua de flor de Jamaica is popular as a refreshingly crisp drink to help beat the heat. Harmonized to bring out the best and most complementary attributes of each, Blossom Water’s mango hibiscus delivers a delightfully balanced sweet-tart taste and fresh fruit nose.