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FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation elected its Presidency team for the 2023-2025 term of office at its Annual General Assembly on Thursday 15th June.

Martin Petersson, CEO Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe: one of the world’s leading glass packaging manufacturers – has been elected President of the EU container glass federation.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr Petersson said: “I am honoured to take up this important role and look forward to contributing to FEVE’s work in collaboration with FEVE members, staff, and the national associations. We have challenging and exciting times ahead of us, but we are in a strong position to reach our sustainability goals and strengthen our industry’s Circular Economy model.

He added: “Glass is a material that has unique inherent sustainability benefits: it is a permanent material, endlessly recycled in a closed loop and it is inert, meaning that it protects the quality of products, it preserves their taste, and guarantees safety for consumers’ health. It is also uniquely versatile in adding value and premium positioning to products. However, all these qualities are often taken for granted in the marketplace. We need to be more proactive in defending and promoting glass.”

Martin Petersson succeeds Vitaliano Torno, O-I Glass President Business Operations & O-I Europe, who led the association for the previous two years. “Vitaliano did a great job in navigating the federation through recent years, marked by the global pandemic and unforeseeable market dynamics, but he also managed to maintain a united industry in shaping a common vision to face the major challenge of climate neutrality”, commented Petersson.

The FEVE members also elected Michel Giannuzzi, Chairman of the Board of Verallia, as Vice-President. Mr Giannuzzi commented: “Our industry is at a crucial crossroad on the path to the future. We should not be afraid to invest in the sustainability assets of our business model to secure our future as packaging leaders. I am looking forward to supporting Martin and the sector over the next two years in the drive to address climate change and the sustainability agenda.”

FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation has elected its executive team for the 2019-2021 term of office at its Annual General Assembly held in Brussels.

Michel Giannuzzi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Verallia Group – one of Europe’s leading glass packaging manufacturers for the food and beverage sector, has been elected as President of the association, succeeding Johan Gorter, CEO of Ardagh Glass Europe. Commenting on his new role, Mr Giannuzzi said: “Our industry has a unique opportunity right now: as packaging is under scrutiny by consumers for its sustainability and healthy credentials. The glass industry is perfectly positioned to respond to customer and regulatory requirements leveraging the benefits of the Circular Economy”.

Today, some 80 billion bottles, jars and flacons are supplied annually to the global food and beverage industry as well as to fragrance, cosmetics and pharma markets. Glass packaging is easily and infinitely recyclable. In the last fifteen years, glass recycling has increased by 139 % throughout Europe. Some 1.5 million bottle banks are available across the region and an average of 74 % of Europe’s glass is collected for recycling, demonstrating the success of the dedicated glass recycling scheme introduced in Europe in the 1970s. These numbers also underline the commitment of the glass industry to attain aggressive recycling rates.

“Mr Giannuzzi added. “As we move towards a more sustainable future, we have a great opportunity to continue innovating glass production. We are determined to further reduce our industry’s environmental footprint, increase quantity and quality of recycled glass, and continue to design new packaging solutions that provide value to our customers and their brands”. He concluded: “In my role as President, building on the excellent job done by my colleague Johan Gorter, I want to convey enthusiasm and energy, and further promote sustainability goals, technology innovation, customer proximity and consumer engagement”.

The industry invests every year at least than €600 million in its 160 manufacturing plants and research facilities across Europe to modernize production, further reduce emissions, increase recycled content and reduce weight of the glass containers(1). Today, glass containers are on average 30 % lighter than 20 years ago, while maintaining and even improving their product qualities, recyclability, and innovative design.

In addition, Vitaliano Torno, President of O-I Europe, has been elected Vice-President of FEVE. He said: “Our customers thrive on glass as the most sustainable packaging solution. Led by the knowledge and ambition of our industry’s employees, we are innovating to help our customers build their precious and renowned brands and become valued partners as well as sustainable producers. I am determined to move the glass industry forward and promote the benefits of glass.”

The industry is also continuously increasing its communication efforts to inform and educate consumers, regulators and other stakeholders about the numerous benefits of glass packaging, and the fundamental role of packaging in protecting end-consumer products. The Friends of Glass platform on reaches out to millions of consumers around the Globe.

(1) See the E&Y report “Environmental, social and economic contribution of the Container Glass sector in Europe” – February 2015.