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In addition to the core range of Fanta Orange, Zero Orange, Grape, Raspberry, Blueberry, Sour Watermelon and Strawberry Sherbet, Fanta has launched multi-sensory products that are as much about touch, sound, sight, and smell as they are about taste.

“People really love the flavours but we wanted to up the ante and bring out something totally unique and different to everything else in the soft drink category, to create new experiences for Kiwis to try when they want the occasional treat,” says Fanta Brand Manager Gina Beck.

“We talk about teens wanting ‘omni sensorial’ experiences, which is where they’re looking for something that’s going to awaken all the different types of senses. Early adopters want to experience something new and this range really delivers on this,” she says.

The first entries into the sensory range are Jelly Fizz which come in both orange and raspberry flavours.

To enjoy the omnisensorial experience of Jelly Fizz, for instance, consumers need to shake the can 10 times to activate an almost indescribable, well, jelly fizziness.

“It’s like a delicious, liquid jelly – a soft drink blended with juicy liquid jelly pieces. You can’t really explain it to someone, they have to try it for themselves,” says Gina.

The original Jelly Fizz concept was launched in Japan and Hong Kong about five years ago (known as Furu Furu Shaker) and the local Coca-Cola team felt they could replicate its incredible popularity here in New Zealand.

“The challenge has been how to Westernise the concept of what is a really cool but very different drinking experience,” says Gina.

“We needed to educate teens that it’s okay to shake the can without it exploding, despite it going against everything they’ve ever known about soft drinks.”

While Fanta will no doubt continue its history of innovation, there’s one thing that won’t change: the iconic taste of Fanta Orange.

“Fanta Orange is a really big part of our portfolio,” says Gina. “It has a loyal fan base and that is incredibly important to us.”

Jelly Fizz is available in both orange and raspberry flavours – for a limited time.