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Turpaz acquires control of the Hungarian flavour company Food Base, a company specialise in the production, development and marketing of flavours, herb extracts and essential oils for the food and beverage industry

Turpaz Industries continues the momentum of its acquisition campaign and the implementation of its growth strategy, announcing today that it has signed an agreement to purchase 60 % of the shares of the Hungarian company, Food Base, for a consideration of 9.5 million dollars, from which 60 % of Food Base’s net debt will deducted at the time of completion of the transaction. Additionally, the Seller will be entitled to future consideration will be based on Food Base’s business performance during the years 2023-2024. The agreement includes a call option for Turpaz to purchase the remaining Food Base shares, exercisable after three years from the expiration date completion of the transaction. Food Base’s sales turnover in 2022 amounted to 5.7 million dollars. The transaction will be financed through bank debt. Completion of the transaction is expected in the coming months, subject to receiving regulatory approvals in Hungary.

Food Base was founded in 2004 by Tamás Győrfi and today is a leading and growing company offering flavours and plant extracts to the Hungarian market, as well as exporting to other European countries. Food Base has a research and development center, a marketing and sales system and owns a modern and efficient production site measuring 4.5 dunams, located on land of 8.3 dunams in Budapest. The factory has a large production capacity with the possibility for significant expansion. Food Base employs 55 people, of which 10 are engaged in research and development and have advanced academic degrees. The main activity of Food Base is the development, production, marketing and sale of sweet flavours and natural herbal extracts for the food and beverage industry, with an emphasis on convenience food, health drinks and snacks, as well as unique raw materials for the nutritional supplement industry.

The acquisition is synergistic for Turpaz’s activities and is expected to significantly increase the circle of customers and the volume of sales, while expanding the product portfolio, deepening its activities and its market share in emerging markets. Turpaz intends to utilise the development, production and sales capabilities of Food Base to develop its business in the area.

About Turpaz:
Turpaz was established in February 2011 and operates on its own and through its subsidiaries in the development, production, marketing and sales of scent extracts used in the production of cosmetics and toiletries, personal care products and atmospheric application; flavor extracts used in food and beverage production; unique intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry and unique raw materials for the agro and fine chemical industry; and citrus products and aroma chemicals for the flavour and fragrance industry. The Turpaz group has a wide and diverse portfolio of products, the result of in-house development and manufacture. Turpaz develops, manufactures, markets and sells products to more than 2,000 customers in over 30 countries around the world and operates 13 production sites that include research and development centers, laboratories and sales, marketing and regulatory offices in Israel, the USA, Poland, Belgium, Vietnam, Latvia and Romania.

Kerry releases enhanced second-generation range of premium taste extracts for low-/no-alcohol drinks

The Kerry Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0 next-generation range of distillates from botanical sources offers enhanced and complex flavour notes to enable the creation of better-tasting low- or no-alcohol beverages – without compromising on taste.

Kerry, one of the world’s leading taste and nutrition companies, released its Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0, an enhanced next-generation range of high-quality, authentic botanical extracts – containing 0 % ethanol – designed specifically for global rapid-growth low- and no-alcohol beverage markets. Applications include low-/no-alcohol drinks and mocktails, regular alcoholic beverages, and almost any beverage application in which a low level of alcohol or a unique taste experience is desired.

This extensive portfolio of tastes enables drink manufacturers to maintain a low (or zero) alcohol content and permits a “0.0 %” claim. In comparison to other ethanol-free technologies, the Collection ZERO 2.0 range is more stable, with no haze, no sedimentation, and a more complex botanical taste and mouthfeel.

The range of possible distillates in this new 2.0 generation includes fruit; floral; and spice and brown tonalities such as passionfruit, rosebud, elderflower, caraway, black pepper, cumin, cocoa and coffee.

With the Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0, beverage product developers now have an extensive range of potential tastes on their creative palettes that meet emerging clean-label and authentic-quality requirements. The result: a premium drinking experience for those seeking to moderate their alcohol consumption.

Francis De Campos Ferreira, Global Taste Portfolio Director for Selected Extracts at Kerry, commented on the new botanical collection release: “Taste is extremely important to all consumers of low- and no-alcohol beverages. Our exciting second-generation Kerry Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0 range delivers not only the fresh notes from the first generation but also now more complex flavours that remind us of those found in traditional alcoholic beverages. Another important consumer concern is that these types of drinks be naturally sourced, so it’s important to note that the ZERO 2.0 product range is created using all-natural, sustainable botanical sources.”

The new generation uses a proprietary extraction and distillation processing technique, delivering significant benefits (such as being preservative-free) while developing intense and amazingly complex aromatic profiles. ZERO 2.0 complements and expands Kerry’s first-generation Collection ZERO, which was announced in 2020. Furthermore, this newly released range offers more stability with no haze or sedimentation, and delivers a unique, complex and differentiated botanical taste profile.

Adds Mr De Campos Ferreira: “There is a rapidly growing global trend to moderate and control alcohol intake, and consumers are seeking authentic-tasting beverage options that address this desire. This has resulted in enormous growth in the global market for these kinds of beverages that is expected to continue for years. Producers able to offer tasty and healthier upscale beverage choices will see a significant and growing market opportunity in the years to come.”

“Due mainly to the fact that many no-alcohol drinks (like mocktails) resemble juices, consumer expectations are currently not being met by the prevailing no-alcohol options. Increasingly, consumers want the upscale experience of the glass, ice, and taste – simply without the alcohol content. The Kerry Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0 portfolio delivers a premium drink that tastes great.”

Kerry’s extensive expertise and experience in natural extraction also fosters innovative “fusion distillates” based on a proprietary capability to blend natural botanicals (leaves, flowers, seeds, etc.), and then magnify taste by running a distillate following a period of slow maturation. This produces tailored extracts or blends that can be made to order to suit specific local and regional tastes and other requirements.

Leading botanical extracts company to produce pharmaceutical grade CBD for the international market, using Italian biomass

Indena, a leading Italian company in international markets, has been authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health and Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to produce cannabinoid-based cannabis extracts. Indena will produce pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD) for the global market for clinical and commercial use.

Indena is the first company in Italy to receive authorisation from the Ministry of Health to manufacture cannabinoid-based cannabis extracts. The approval process continued and Indena has also received authorisation from the AIFA, making it one of the few companies in the world able to produce cannabidiol (CBD) for the pharmaceutical market. CBD is an active ingredient obtained by extraction and isolation from the inflorescences and aerial parts of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.).

With its 100 years of experience in the production of high-end botanical extracts, Indena is well placed to produce high purity CBD. The raw material will be grown and processed in Italy. The supply chain, which complies with the strict criteria set out in the Italian regulations, is controlled, certified and fully traced by the company. Indena’s traditional rigour in managing the production chain was a key factor in obtaining authorisation.

Indena uses registered varieties of hemp with a THC level of less than 0.2 % in accordance with European standards. It also guarantees a residual THC content of less than 0.02 %, well below the limits defined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and by DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). This approach enabled Indena to promptly submit the DMF (Drug Master File) for this product to the FDA.

“We have been working a long time for this outcome. It is the result of an intense and fruitful collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the AIFA, for the construction of a rigorous approval process to guarantee the safety and control of production, both of the raw material and of the active principle”, says Stefano Togni, Corporate Director for Business Development and Licensing of Indena SpA. “We are aiming at the international pharmaceutical markets. As an Italian company, we are proud to be able to make this totally Italian product of the highest quality available globally, an ingredient expected all over the world for its beneficial effects on a number of pathologies”.

The hemp biomass used by Indena is processed in a pharmaceutical plant that is regularly authorised by AIFA and inspected by the main international regulatory agencies (FDA, KFDA, PMDA and others). All production is carried out in compliance with pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), in line with the highest quality standards that the company has always applied which have been recognised by the international scientific community and consolidated over 100 years of business.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active pharmaceutical ingredient whose use is approved for seizures associated with some rare forms of childhood epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaud syndrome, Dravet syndrome and tuberous sclerosis complex), and in clinical development for other forms of epilepsy. Furthermore CBD is under clinical investigation for schizophrenia, and for its therapeutic potential in other psychiatric disorders, neurological or autoimmune/inflammatory based diseases1.

Once again, Indena’s focus on quality, scientific rigour and innovation has enabled it to receive recognition from Italy’s top pharmaceutical regulatory institutions. This will enable the company to produce an active principle for which there has been market demand for some time.

1C. Michael White, PharmD, A Review of Human Studies Assessing Cannabidiol’s (CBD) Therapeutic Actions and Potential, J Clin Pharmacol 2019, 59(7), 923-934.

Euromed, a leading producer of standardised herbal extracts, has appointed Xavier Ragàs as new Head of Quality Control. Xavier has a PhD in Chemistry, covering organic and analytical chemistry, photochemistry and microbiology.

After finishing his degree in 2010, Xavier began working as a lab technician at Bunge, an international agribusiness and food company. Having been promoted to the position of Quality and Food Safety Manager, he was responsible for implementing new analytical techniques, supervising internal laboratories and monitoring and adapting plant processes, in line with ISO standards and feed safety certifications.

In 2015, Xavier joined Morchem, an adhesive producer mainly focused on flexible packaging. As Quality Manager, he led the quality control department in its transition from an old ERP to a brand new SAP system.

In his new role as Head of Quality Control at Euromed, Xavier is responsible for quality and process control from the raw materials to the finished products. Euromed products begin with botanicals that are verified, grown and harvested properly to preserve plant integrity and bioactive profiles. Each production batch – from the herb to the final extract – undergoes several laboratory tests for identity, potency and potential impurities to guarantee the highest standards. From botanical macro- and micro-identification and control of active principles and potential impurities to chromatographic analyses, the company tests botanical raw materials exhaustively, in accordance with international regulations.

As part of its 2020 strategy to strengthen its naturals capabilities and its presence in the high growth markets of Asia Pacific, Givaudan announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Golden Frog, a Vietnamese flavour company.

Golden Frog manufactures natural flavours, extracts and essential oils for the food and beverage industry. It offers a wide range of natural ingredients including herbs, spices, fruit and vegetable extracts and essential oils from the great biodiversity of Vietnam. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the Ho Chi Minh area, Golden Frog employs 156 people and caters to the needs of the ASEAN markets.

While terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Golden Frog’s business would have represented approximately CHF 10 million of incremental sales to Givaudan’s results in 2018 on a proforma basis. Givaudan plans to fund the transaction from existing resources and is expected to close in the second half of 2019.

Authentic florals, herbs, spices, tea and ginger flavours and extracts for contemporary product concepts

Global expert Sensient Flavors presents its All Natural Flavour Collections: The trend flavours help food and beverage manufacturers to respond successfully to upcoming market trends and reflect current consumer preferences. The latest findings of Sensient’s consumer and market research underpin Sensient’s new All Natural Flavour Collections, which are split into five key botanical areas: Florals, Herbs, Spices, Tea and Ginger. “As sophisticated consumers demand more natural, healthier options, and the chance to express their individuality, botanicals are making a comeback in the food and beverage world,” comments Barbara Lezzer, Director of Marketing Europe – Sweet and Beverage, Sensient Flavors.

Sensient’s Floral Collection offers spicy and herbaceous as well as delicate and sweet flavours for a multitude of applications, from cocktails and gin to confectionery and dairy. Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Desert Wildflowers, Elderflower, Geranium, Rose and Lavender feature in the 10-strong line-up, alongside Orange Blossom, Cherry Blossom and Hibiscus.

Sensient’s Spice Collection adds a touch of natural sophistication and complexity. A modern twist places Black Pepper, Pink Peppercorn, Star Anise, Clove Bud and Saffron firmly in the beverage arena, while their inherent heat means that Cinnamon, Capsicum, Cardamom and Liquorice are the ideal way to add warmth to bakery and dairy. Completing this collection, Juniper Berry is perfect in meat-based savouries, and it even works brilliantly in beer.

Culinary herbs add naturalness and, from an aesthetic perspective, their delicacy catches the eye in cheeses and savoury snacks, soft drinks and cocktails. Sensient’s carefully curated Herb Collection comprises Garden Mint, Coriander Leaves, Sage, Rosemary, Hops, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Lemongrass and Aloe Vera.

Tea is no longer a beverage to be had at a certain time of the day. Exciting new offerings have consumers reaching for tea in different forms and flavours around the clock. It is associated with sophistication and flair as well as with naturality and health. The ability of tea to offer rich, intricate profiles makes it the perfect way to add flavour and depth to everything from ice cream to chocolate and alcoholic beverages. Sensient’s Tea Collection brings together an extraordinary exploration of 8 different tastes: Green Tea, Matcha Tea, White Tea, Cascara Tea, Rooibos, Chai Tea, Black Tea and Earl Grey.

Ginger has been trusted since Roman times, and is now enjoying a resurgence amongst consumers of all ages. However, not all ginger is the same, so Sensient’s Ginger Collection comprises six distinctive flavour profiles: Classic Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root (gari), Spicy Ginger, Nigerian Ginger and Chinese Ginger (galangal). Creativity can run riot with these versatile flavours in all sorts of applications, from beverages and confectionery to bakery and dairy deserts. With over 70 years of experience with ginger extracts and flavours, the Sensient team can tailor any of these to create the perfect sensorial experience for any brand.

Sensient’s All Natural Flavour Collections are based on Sensient Natural Origins™, a range of authentic true to nature extracts derived from the named source (FTNS) botanical and other organic-based ingredients, created using selective extraction techniques which capture the true flavour and aroma profile of the original source.