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Aetna Group, leading company in the production of end-of-line packaging machines and systems, has acquired the German company Meypack.

Meypack is a technology leader appreciated mostly for the quality and innovative capacity of its end-of-line products mainly in the food, spirits and home & personal care sectors in Germany and at an international level.

This operation is part of Aetna Group strategic plan to grow externally, to establish a production presence in countries with a manufacturing vocation, and to expand the product range in the food and personal care sector. Meypack’s internationalization will be further enriched by taking advantage of the presence of Aetna Group subsidiaries in the main countries of the world, so that Aetna Group will be able to increase its penetration in German-speaking markets.

Pursuing its Buy & Build strategy, EOL Packaging Experts (EOL) has made a second add‐on acquisition by investing in BMS Maschinenfabrik GmbH (BMS) in Pfatter, Regensburg District. EOL, composed of A+F Automation + Fördertechnik GmbH (A+F) in Kirchlengern and Standard‐Knapp, Inc. (S‐K) in Portland, Connecticut, has thus gained an important partner in German‐speaking countries. This step will further strengthen the group’s positioning in Europe and boost its growth sustainably.

EOL Packaging Experts, an international group that provides end‐of‐line packaging machines and systems, has invested in BMS. This investment fits perfectly into the EOL group’s strategic planning and aim to be a market leader in end‐of‐line packaging solutions for the food and beverages industry. Together with A+F as a leading provider of integrated and innovative systems solutions for secondary and tertiary packaging, as well as S‐K as a leading manufacturer of end‐of‐line packaging machines in the US market, BMS will in future complement the group as a provider of systems for innovative sorting installations, state of the art end‐of‐line solutions, and flexible repacking solutions. Within EOL’s global sales and service structure, A+F, S‐K, and BMS will equally benefit and complement each other in the market area and the product portfolio as well as in production and machine technology, digitization, service, and project management.