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The new edition of the proprietary Symrise trend tool trendscope 2024+ has delivered valuable key findings. It provides an overview of current consumer trends and future developments in food and beverages. According to it, health and naturalness continue as the most relevant trend drivers. At the same time, climate-smart innovation and circular consumption is getting more important while digitalisation exerts a fast-growing effect on consumer lives and the industry. By combining qualitative and quantitative research methods the study serves as an important basis for the development of consumer-preferred taste, nutrition, and health solutions.

Consumers today expect a lot from the food and beverage products they choose. They are looking for sustainable, healthy, and tasty options. This leads to the question: How do these expectations translate into food and beverage trends and how can Symrise best respond? trendscope provides comprehensive information on trends and investigates how they drive innovation. The results of the tool go into different trendscope reports. Symrise uses these insights to translate consumer wishes into innovative food and beverage concepts with inspiring taste, nutrition, and health solutions.

“Consumer behaviors and mindsets change over time and so do their demands for food and beverages,” says Leif Jago, Global Marketing Manager Food & Beverage at Symrise. “trendscope allows us to closely monitor and anticipate market shifts. This creates an important basis to design solutions that deliver against these evolving needs.”

Combining qualitative and quantitative research

To decode latest food and beverage consumer trends, trendscope combines different methods of analysis. The qualitative research contains for example a meta-analysis of consumer reports, start-up and social media screening, an innovation scan, and insights from the Symrise taste treks with the chef network StarChefs. The quantitative research comprises a meta-analysis of existing studies and surveys and polls related to consumer behavior and mindsets. In addition, social media listening, and AI-based trend forecasting support the findings. This goes hand in hand with an analysis of global urban hot spots. In twelve global locations, Symrise conducted 24 interviews with selected trendsetters like food bloggers, journalists, and trend scouts.

“The tool’s global scope allows us to tailor trends to regional specifics. Based on this, Symrise can develop taste, nutrition and health solutions and tailor them to consumer demands in specific regions and categories. This, in turn, helps our customers to respond to decoded consumer desires with the right food and beverages,” concludes Jago.

The new offer of trendscope 2024+

To increase the relevance of trendscope further for the Symrise teams and customers, several key changes got incorporated. The current edition puts a spotlight on health as consumer health awareness is growing and has evolved into a key innovation driver. In addition, digitalisation and sustainability are now forming standalone megatrends. Both exert a huge influence on consumer lives and industries. From a research perspective, trendscope 2024+ uses more quantitative data sources. This includes social media listening and surveys.

The trendscope 2024+ edition got compiled during a global polycrisis. Consumers face a crisis continuum ranging from COVID-19 and its effects to the Ukraine war, rising cost-of-living, surging inflation, and looming recession. As a result, consumers look for stability and emotional anchors. At the same time, they change their buying behavior due to cost-consciousness. Overall, the polycrisis serves as an accelerator of change that boosts or slows down specific consumer needs.

Six global megatrends with several sub-trends identified

Symrise has identified six megatrends. “Digitalisation” forms an underlying macrotrend that permeates all areas of life. It has become a game changer for innovation. The other five items represent trend clusters with several sub-trends.

“Purposeful Sustainability” focuses on the urgency to act in a resource-saving manner. It also includes the consumer wish of making product choices with a positive impact on the climate. Regenerative eating and circular thinking play a key role here. The “Natural Goodness” cluster centers around the wish for natural and clean label plant-based products. This comes with a more critical eye toward ingredients and production methods. Another cluster relates to “Healthy Lifestyle”. Consumers have started considering mental and physical wellness combined. Products supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing experience a boost. At the same time, consumer look for guided health choices to navigate the complex landscape of inflationary health claims. “Emotional Discoveries” presents the wish of consumers for social connection and memorable experiences after the pandemic. At the same time, they demand higher standards of originality, quality and authenticity when discovering new tastes. The “Premium Indulgence” cluster gets strongly characterised by value orientation. Consumers look for indulgent moments in times of rising costs of living. They try to find bliss in little things to treat themselves.

The Symrise experts use these trendscope insights to investigate what they mean for the company’s portfolio. “We operate very agile and keep an eye on the competencies we need to address in view of important consumer needs. We want to support our customers in achieving their goals while contributing to Symrise’s sustainable growth,” adds Regine Lueghausen, Vice President Global Marketing Food & Beverage at Symrise.

Following the continued success of Tango’s rotational flavour series Tango Editions, Britvic is bringing its latest ‘Edition’, Tango Mango, to shelves and chillers this February. Tango Editions combine bold tastes, liquids and pack designs to produce striking products that stand out on shelves and in chillers. Succeeding Tango’s popular Paradise Punch flavour, this latest rotation is set to meet the demand for Mango flavoured drinks, giving shoppers more sugar-free options without compromising on taste.

Tango has more than doubled in sales in the last three years1, now worth over £96m RSV, and is still in double digit growth (+ 24 %).2 The brand’s successful rotational flavour series has seen Tango Paradise Punch become the number one flavoured fruit carbonate new product development of 20233, now worth over £13.6m RSV,4 with the year before seeing Tango Berry Peachy crowned the number one fruit flavoured carbonate new product development of 20225. What’s more, following its launch last June, Tango Apple Sugar Free is now worth £23.5m RSV6. These results demonstrate the brand’s well-placed position to grow the fruit flavoured carbonates category further with its latest flavour, particularly with mango flavoured drinks in double digit growth versus last year (+ 26 %).7

Ben Parker, Britvic’s Retail Commercial Director in Great Britain, said: “Our next big flavour launch, Tango Mango, drives appeal among new and existing Tango fans, generating additional sales opportunities for retailers. We understand retailers don’t have infinite space for new products, but the Tango Editions range has already proven to drive additional sales, and the rotational change seasonally maintains excitement and engagement with the brand. In addition, Tango Mango aims to attract a broader range of shoppers including Gen Z and families, expanding sales opportunities for retailers. Innovating in the fruit flavoured carbonates category will always be important to Tango – with new and exciting sugar free flavours, which play on the brand’s bold, fun tone and personality, helping to increase consumer purchases.”

Tango Mango is the latest sugar free flavour from Britvic, with the company’s continued innovation and reformulation programmes meaning an average of just 22 calories per 250 ml serve across its drinks portfolio globally. All activity is enabling the company to offer consumers healthier choices as part of its long-term Healthier People sustainability strategy.

Available from 1 February for 12 months, the fruit flavoured carbonate will be available to enjoy in formats to be consumed at home or on the go, helping retailers to tap into this market and drive soft drink sales with a popular flavour. The latest Edition is expected to be another success following consumer research8 and features a bold, modern pack design that is sure to catch shoppers’ attention and encourage them to Get Tango’d. The flavour will be available in a variety of formats: 330 ml can, 500 ml bottle, 2 litre bottles, 8 can multipack and 24 can multipack. The launch of Mango Tango will be supported by social media and influencer activity to increase awareness.

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Demonstrating the brand’s willingness to experiment and be at the forefront of the functional beverage sector, Moju said the latest launch speaks to emerging natural electrolyte trends by harnessing the power of pickles. A movement which, the company said, is set to “dominate” the global health and wellbeing sector over the coming year. This salty beverage is already making waves in the nutritional category in the US, gaining significant traction among athletes thanks to its functional benefits, according to the company.

The limited edition, cold-pressed shot is packed full of electrolytes, known for aiding muscle recovery, during and post-workout. Brewed using fresh pickles from UK’s ‘The Pickle House’ company, the shot has a unique, fruity yet salty favour. With 263 mg of natural electrolytes per shot, it feeds your body exactly what it’s craving during your workout.

Fitness fanatics have noticed the power of pickle juice really taking effect, especially when it comes to training longevity and recovery, making the juice the latest training drink of choice.

This is backed up by studies that have proven pickle juice works better than water for reducing muscle cramps. Moju has been a leader in the gut health sphere, making pickle juice an obvious choice for its latest limited edition. Moju has harnessed the pickle fever to create a product that is achieving cult status, supporting Moju’s position as one of the market leaders in the functional drinks sector.

For a limited time only, the Moju Monster Shot is available to purchase from 31st October online at – £19.75 for 12 x 60ml

The World Citrus Organisation (WCO) is finalising preparations towards the second edition of the Global Citrus Congress, which will take place on 16 and 17 November 2021. The virtual event, which managed to gather over 1000 delegates from across the globe in its first edition in 2020, will once again bring together the citrus community to discuss the current trends, challenges, and opportunities for the citrus sector. More than 500 participants from across the globe have already registered to attend the virtual congress.

Following the success of the first Global Citrus Congress in 2020, this year the event will take place online on 16 and 17 November 2021. The opening session of the first day (Tuesday 16 November from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. CET) will provide an in-depth discussion on production and marketing trends for fresh and processed citrus, including a panel discussion with key producing countries over the ongoing Northern Hemisphere 2021 citrus season. During the second day of the congress (Wednesday 17 November), 3 regional modules will zoom into specific issues of the citrus business in Asia (8:00 to 10.00 a.m. CET), Europe (3:00 to 5:00 p.m. CET), and North America (5:00 to 7:00 p.m. CET). Asia’s module will focus on key market developments and branding trends, with speakers including Wayne Prowse (Fresh Intelligence), Neil Barker (BGP International), and Hannes de Waal (Sundays River Citrus Company) among others. The European track of the Congress will in turn discuss post-harvest trends in citrus with key sector representatives from Agrofresh, Apeel, Citrosol, Decco, Jansen, and the Dutch Fresh Produce Centre. During Europe’s session, WCO’s General Delegate Philippe Binard will also discuss citrus consumption trends and promotion strategies with key market leaders from across the chain. Finally, the North America’s section will delve into the US citrus market trends with a focus on easy peelers, lemons, and limes. The strategies and challenges for key producing regions California and Florida will also feature in the programme.

WCO Co-Chair and Director of AILIMPO Jose Antonio Garcia affirmed: “We have been working intensely to improve on the first edition of the Global Citrus Congress by elaborating an attractive agenda with a stronger presence of business-led interactive debates. We want to consolidate the Congress as a must-attend event for the citrus sector, and we hope we held it physically in 2022”. WCO Co-Chair and CEO of the Citrus Growers’ Association of Southern Africa Justin Chadwick added: “After the success of the first edition in 2021, the Global Citrus Congress is on the right track to become the key annual event for the community to strengthen the position of citrus fruit in an ever-competitive, challenging environment”.

The Global Citrus Congress will take place online. The sessions will be live and free of charge to attend thanks to the support of our sponsors. Registrations are still open at The opening session will be available both in English and Spanish.

​From tree to table – the juice journey 
Thanks to its rich taste and wholesome benefits, orange juice is the world’s favourite juice beverage. The Orange Book is your comprehensive guide to orange juice production – from tree to table.

Freshly updated with the latest market data and new illustrations, the Orange Book presents new findings on vitamin C retention and optimized pasteurization temperatures, along with developments in high-pressure processing and cleaning-in-place. It documents significant changes in the juice market and includes up-to-date research on orange juice consumption patterns in key regions.

The book also covers new regulatory standards and examines how online retail trends and grocery outlet diversification impact distribution and packaging requirements.

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