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Doehler, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food, beverage and lifescience & nutrition industry acquires Boon Flavors, located in Bangkok, Thailand, and strengthens its presence in Southeast Asia.

Doehler, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions announces the acquisition of Boon Flavors, a renowned premium flavour house located in Bangkok, Thailand. As part of this acquisition, Boon Flavors will be known as Doehler Thailand going forward and be managed by its founder, Piya Boonnamkitsawad.

In 2018, Boon built a state-of-the-art flavour plant in Bangkok. Leveraging its proprietary technologies, the company has developed a great variety of local flavour tonalities that perfectly extends Doehler’s global taste portfolio. Boon will have access to all of Doehler’s cutting-edge taste technologies and, together with Doehler’s application labs in Indonesia and Thailand, global and local customers can expect to benefit from enhanced services and a more extensive product portfolio in the region.

Consumers are looking for exceptional sensory experiences in nutrition; superior taste, a perfect appearance and well-balanced mouthfeel play a significant role for consumers when choosing their products, ultimately guiding their preferences towards a better human nutrition.

Boon’s premium variety of local flavours, now integrated into Doehler’s global taste portfolio, contributes perfectly to this trend providing superior natural flavours to the food, beverage and lifescience & nutrition industry. This strategic acquisition further strengthens Doehler’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers and consumers for excellent and remarkable tasty, healthy and sustainable solutions.

Doehler and Ixora’s global partnership is committed to transforming natural taste modulation, broadening Doehler’s capabilities in natural ingredients and integrated solutions, further complemented by an upcoming cutting-edge hub in North Brunswick to accelerate agile flavour innovation and meet the needs of US customers.

Doehler, the global food and beverage ingredient company, has announced a strategic partnership with Ixora Scientific to discover and commercialise natural taste modulators derived from botanicals and cooperate around natural ingredients systems and integrated solutions for the global food and beverage industry.

Ixora Scientific is a San Diego-based start-up focusing on the research and development of novel taste modulators. With a fast-forward approach, within 18 months the Ixora team has developed a strong pipeline of modulators, using plants as starting material. The product portfolio is composed of a sweet taste modulator that strengthens sweet taste intensity, delivering sugar mouthfeel and early onset; outstanding maskers for astringent, bitter, sour, and plant protein off-tastes; and boosters for creaminess, alcohol spiciness, carbonation perception, and vanilla profile. The company is currently focusing on patent applications and regulatory approval.

As part of its commitment to innovation, health wellness, and sustainability, Doehler has established a long-term strategic partnership with Ixora, which will act as its research discovery partner for the next generation of taste modulators. Doehler brings its over 185 years of experience in the ingredients industry and its well-established thought leadership in the German and European flavours market to the US with a modern and visionary approach.

To further extend this partnership, Doehler will soon be inaugurating a technological and cutting-edge new office and lab customer facility in North Brunswick, acting as the Ixora east coast collaboratory hub and focusing on the development and validation of thousand product applications. Dedicated and experienced flavourists will be on hand to help scale up Ixora solutions and work as experts in flavour forensics. The North Brunswick hub will add to the other Doehler locations in the US, Pine Brook (NJ), Cartersville (GA), Chicago (IL), and Los Angeles (CA).

Doehler White Diamond – A natural bright solution

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is banned as a food ingredient in the EU; other countries are planning to do the same. Manufacturers face the challenge of finding a safe alternative.

Doehler is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the global food, beverage and nutrition industry. Based on the latest technologies, the Doehler R&D experts have developed a natural white alternative that can replace TiO2 in food applications.

Doehler’s White Diamond is a natural white that provides whiteness and opacity for a variety of different food products. Free of nanoparticles, easily metabolised and with additional nutritional benefits, it is the most cost-effective natural white alternative currently available.

Doehler White Diamond offers bright new possibilities for those requiring a high performing natural white solution. It delivers whitening solutions for bakery creams, powder beverages, hard-boiled candies as well as pan coatings for all kinds of confectionery and is also suitable for a wide range of other applications. Highly compatible with other ingredients and acid stable, Doehler White Diamond is a globally accepted food additive.

In line with the company motto “Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Doehler will present pioneering ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the beverage industry to visitors at BrauBeviale, which will take place in Nuremberg from 12 to 14 November 2019.

From reduced-sugar adult soft drinks in innovative flavours, to fruity and fresh NFC juices, to refreshing fruit-infused water and full-bodied, alcohol-free beers, visitors to the Doehler stand can discover inspirational ideas for their next successful product. All innovation concepts are based on a comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients ranging from natural flavours, natural colours, health ingredients, pulses & cereal ingredients, dairy & plant-based ingredients, fermented ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients to ingredient systems, as well as a diverse range of certified organic ingredients.

The next generation of beer-mix drinks

Beer remains one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages. Primarily young consumers are looking for diverse product concepts in innovative flavours, a fact that offers tremendous market potential for beer-mixes. Doehler will present exciting beer-mix concepts at BrauBeviale 2019 which producers can use to shake up the beer market. Alongside classic beer-mixes with lemon or grapefruit flavours, reduced-sugar beer-mix variants are currently in high demand. The sugar-reduced beer-mix lemon product impresses with its authentic taste and full-bodied mouthfeel, while using 30% less sugar compared to other common beer-mix beverages. Doehler’s MultiSense® Flavours enable the sugar content in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to be reduced significantly, while simultaneously retaining the full taste.

“Double brew beer-mixes” are also winning over consumers with their authentic taste profiles. Perfectly balanced and refreshing beer-mixes combine two brewed components: beer and brewed lemonade. A fruit content of up to 6 % derived from fermented juices and various botanical extracts ensures that the beer-mixes are less sweet and have a particularly refreshing taste. Visitors to the Doehler stand will have the opportunity to try the double brew beer-mix with a hint of lime.

Reduced-sugar and refreshing – soft drinks for every taste

At BrauBeviale, Doehler will also present its extensive portfolio of adult soft drinks which are specifically tailored to the consumer requirements of adults. Using high-quality ingredients from Doehler such as innovative botanical extracts and distillates, brewed and fermented ingredients or high-quality NFC juices, the adult soft drinks impress with their tart, less-sweet taste profiles.

Doehler also has different solutions to reduce the sugar content in soft drinks. By using MultiSense® Sweet Aroma, the refreshingly light soda tastes fruitier and less sweet while having a sugar content of less than 5 g per 100 ml. The lemonade combines the sour and fresh taste of lemon with a hint of peach and is presented in the trend colour of coral. Consumers looking for another lemonade with a less sweet, more “grown-up” taste profile should try Doehler`s brewed soda with its special flavours of brewed ginger and brewed lime. Thanks to a natural sweetening solution using a stevia tea brew, the drink has a sugar content of just 4.1 g per 100 ml.

Innovative juice drinks – natural, reduced-sugar and delicious

Reducing the sugar and calorie content in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is currently in the spotlight. The demand for reduced-sugar beverages is continuously growing, particularly when it comes to juice and juice drinks: every third juice on the market is now an NFC juice. These juices are derived from natural sources and have authentic “home-made” tastes. Reducing sugar content is one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers. “NFC Naturally Light” are innovative product concepts from Doehler which can solve this problem. The “light” juices from Doehler – such as the “next-generation apple juice” which is made from apple juice and coconut water – not only consist entirely of NFC juices, but also contain less sugar and fewer calories than conventional juices and impress consumers with their refreshing and fruity tastes. Thanks to our wide range of high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients, we can present product concepts to trade fair visitors which satisfy every taste.

Natural ingredients for a healthy lifestyle

Many consumers consider the nutritional properties of the products they purchase. This is resulting in growing worldwide demand for beverages containing natural ingredients and which have a positive effect on health. No other beverage better combines the trends of naturalness and health than fruit-infused waters. At BrauBeviale, Doehler will present innovative concepts such as fruit-infused water in apple lemon or raspberry mint variants. Water with different flavours is enjoying ever greater popularity: enriched with natural fruit infusions and agave, these trend drinks are impressing consumers around the world with their taste – while containing less sugar or sweeteners and fewer calories.

Hall 1, Stand 303

Doehler Group and Nutrafood S.r.l. have reached an agreement on a strategic partnership.

This transaction further complements Doehler’s range in the area of plant-based food and beverages, where the company currently provides its customers with solutions from smoothies to spoonables to beverages which enable the development of natural nutrition concepts that provide Multi-Sensory Experiences®. The portfolio of pulses, cereal bases and low-calorie bases, such as veggie NFCs, coconut water etc., is now supplemented by nut products. Nutrafood’s extensive expertise and ability to provide plant-based ingredients for food and beverages, combined with the broad product portfolio and the comprehensive industry knowledge of the Doehler Group, will create unique synergy effects. Customers will be able to benefit from a more complete product range and improved efficiency of the two businesses in a global market with regard to customised all-in-one solutions.

Doehler Group and Nutrafood are convinced that this step is a milestone on the path towards a leading position in the plant-based nutrition segment, while simultaneously strengthening their respective positions.

Nutrafood will continue and enhance its core business of plant-based foods and beverages. Both companies will join forces to drive innovative products and solutions that are in line with current consumer trends.

In line with consumer wishes, Doehler will present a broad innovations portfolio of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and product applications which meet the individual lifestyle of consumers, offer added health value and impress thanks to an outstanding taste. This is how Doehler is bringing innovative solutions to the fore – solutions which reflect the core topics of naturalness, vegetable-based nutrition, Nutritional Excellence and Multi-Sensory Experiences®. Under the guiding principle “Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Doehler has developed a series of customised product concepts that provide unique Multi-Sensory Experiences® and are perfectly in line with the nutritional awareness of the consumer.

Enjoy Multi-Sensory Experiences®
Bright colours, optimal texture, outstanding taste – the perfect multi-sensory product experience is in the focus of every new development at Doehler. At drinktec 2017, the company will showcase a wide range of innovative product concepts and application-specific ingredient solutions which provide unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®. For example, tropical fruits such as goldenberry and guava are characterised by a fresh and fruity taste in a new generation of fruit-based drinks, chia seeds as well as fruit and vegetable purees with chunks create an extraordinary mouthfeel and turmeric provides a particularly natural bright colouring.

Driving Nutritional Excellence
Beverages with optimised nutritional value that go hand in hand with a modern, healthy lifestyle – that is what many consumers want. Plant-based ingredients, “free from” solutions and reduced-sugar foods are more popular than ever. From Protein Water and Herbal Detox Teas to Better Nutritional Colas, Doehler will present innovative beverage concepts with healthy added value and fewer calories at drinktec. Doehler will also show its new range of MultiSense® flavours in addition to numerous sweetening solutions that allow reducing sugar by up to 100 %. The MultiSense® flavours range can be used to achieve significant sugar reduction without having to use sweeteners, or to improve the taste and mouthfeel of reduced-sugar products. Especially for soft drinks, the MultiSense® flavours achieve a particularly balanced overall multi-sensory impression and are therefore perfect for reduced-sugar carbonated soft drinks or still drinks.

Hall B2, Stand 101