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Eschlikon’s product portfolio 90 % completed

Most of us will have recently held an increasing number of beverage closures in our hands that can no longer be removed from the bottle. The reason for this is an EU directive from 2019, which stipulates such tethered closures for beverage bottles from July 3, 2024.

The company corvaglia, headquartered in Thurgau, Switzerland, has played a pioneering role in the development and production of tethered caps. The development of the first tethered cap models began even before the official publication of the EU directive. Since then, corvaglia has continuously worked on innovative solutions and has been able to convince well-known brand owners of the effectiveness of its products. As one of the first suppliers of tethered caps on the continent, corvaglia has secured a firm place for itself in this product segment.

The company’s own cap production in Eschlikon was also gradually converted to tethered products as part of this process. Since 1 March 2024, more than 80 % of the closures produced in Eschlikon now meet the requirements of EU Directive 2019/904. Around 10 % of the closures produced in Eschlikon are exported to non-EU countries and will remain non-tethered for the time being. The remaining 10 % will be converted by July.

The development of lightweight closures to reduce unnecessary plastic has always been part of corvaglia’s DNA. This approach has also been consistently pursued with tethered caps. With the latest tethered caps, corvaglia is proud to make a further contribution to reducing material and energy consumption and thus lowering CO2 emissions for beverage packaging.