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Arla Foods Ingredients is demonstrating how its whey solutions can be used to create clear protein shakes targeting a range of different consumer segments.

Protein powders comprise 46 % of the entire sports nutrition market1, and Arla Foods Ingredients research shows that they appeal to the full spectrum of health-conscious shoppers. Over 20 % of consumers in both the ‘Active Nutrition’ and ‘Lifestyle Nutrition’ categories (who do not prioritise exercise as highly as ‘Performance Nutrition’ consumers) still consume powdered drinks at least once a week.2

As part of its ‘Go Clear’ campaign at SupplySide West (23rd to 27th October in Las Vegas), the nutrition leader will showcase three new clear whey powder concepts. Flavored to appeal to US markets in particular, each demonstrates how the right whey ingredient can meet the specific needs of consumers in a particular segment:

  • Go Premium: This clear shake targets performance nutrition consumers seeking out next-generation products. It is based on Lacprodan® BLG-100 – a pure beta-lactoglobulin. Packed with nutritional power and 45 % higher in leucine than other whey proteins, it is ideal for boosting muscle protein synthesis post-workout.
  • Go Natural: Made with Lacprodan® ISO.WaterShake (100 % whey protein isolate), this fruit-infused water shake creates new opportunities for flavoured waters. Its delicate flavours and clean texture are ideal for active nutrition consumers who want natural products that support healthy lifestyles with no compromise on taste.
  • Go Fresh: This thirst-quenching shake is made with Lacprodan® ClearShake (100 % whey protein isolate). Its refreshing lemonade taste makes it ideal for lifestyle nutrition consumers who aren’t specifically looking for a post-workout solution, but still want the benefits of whey.

Troels Nørgaard Laursen, Director for Health and Performance at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Today’s sports nutrition market is hugely diverse. While shakes are popular across the board, every consumer group has its own preferences – from the hardcore enthusiasts looking for premium ingredients and functionality, to “healthy lifestyle” consumers who prioritise taste and naturality. Fortunately our range of high-quality whey ingredients is wide enough to meet every need, so no matter which segment brands are targeting, there’s a perfect ready-to-mix solution.”

Other concepts on show at the company’s booth (#6549) will include a protein cold brew, and a tea latte RTD, both featuring Lacprodan MicelPure®. Containing 86 % native protein and naturally high in calcium, this micellar casein isolate was recently certified by the Non-GMO Project, offering another advantage to North American brands.

1Euromonitor International, 2023
2HealthFocus® International Trend Study, 2022

FruitSmartTM showcased two novel fruit beverage concepts at SupplySide West in the US. Created from premium cold-pressed fruit-based ingredients, and blended with botanicals and macronutrients such as protein, they demonstrated how fruit juice is an excellent carrier for both taste and functionality.

Depending on the fruit used, juice can provide a wide range of important nutrients, including antioxidants and polyphenols. FruitSmart’s new beverage concepts illustrate how brands can leverage the natural benefits of high-quality fruit-based drinks as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Visitors to FruitSmart’s booth at SupplySide West in Las Vegas were able to sample:

  • A raspberry protein and fiber drink blending red raspberry, apple, pear, and elderberry juice with pea protein and apple fiber. This creates a great-tasting product that provides satiety, immunity and gut-health benefits, alongside better blood glucose control and optimal fructose absorption in the small intestine.
  • A super-fruits beverage – made from dark sweet cherry, blueberry, raspberry, and elderberry juice, with extract of turmeric, ginger, acai and vanilla, it’s rich in both flavour and micronutrients, including antioxidants and polyphenols.

Wayne Lutomski, President of FruitSmart, said: “Our new fruit beverage concepts show how brands can develop exciting products that are a welcome addition to any healthy diet. Yes, it contains sugar, but look at the friends that fruit can bring to the party – polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins A and C, folate, and essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and sodium. Fruit’s intrinsic health and wellness benefits can be further enhanced by adding other nutrients, such as fiber, protein, and botanicals. And of course it delivers amazing taste!”

About FruitSmartTM
FruitSmart specialises in premium, high-quality, fruit-based juices and ingredients. With roots in the food processing industry that go back to 1982, it has decades of experience. Today it has a 13-acre fruit and vegetable processing plant in Grandview Washington, while its 19-acre Prosser campus includes facilities for dry ingredient processing and freezing. Offering a wide variety of juices, purees, concentrates, essences, fibers, seeds, seed oils and seed powders, FruitSmart takes great pride in developing solutions for manufacturers and using fruit in new and novel ways.

SternVitamin presents a new reference work

In the food and beverage market, products that provide healthy enjoyment are the strongest growth drivers. Companies with differentiated products for specific target groups and life phases can profit many times over from the ongoing health boom. A new book from SternVitamin provides many ideas for impactful micronutrient concepts. “Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits” is a practical manual intended for product developers, marketers and other creatives in the food industry who are involved in new ideas for functional foods, nutritional supplements and the like.

Divided into sections corresponding to consumer life phases, the book gives an in-depth, scientific look at how various vitamins, minerals and plant extracts work. In easily comprehensible language it explains the micronutrients and combinations, and their suitability for various life phases and health conditions. The application areas are divided into five sections based on the needs experienced by consumers today – Childbearing, Physical Health, Well-Being, Performance, Lifestyle. For example, the “Well-Being” section includes the chapter “Healthy Mind” which provides specifics on how certain B vitamins, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, lecithin and plant extracts boost brain performance. The “Lifestyle” section discusses targeted micronutrient supplements for vegans. Special colour codes and icons guide the reader throughout this well-structured reference work.

Another plus point is the integral foldout card. At a glance, it shows the appropriate micronutrient combinations per application area. SternVitamin also suggests possible heath claims in line with the latest EU directive, that can be used for marketing enriched foods and beverages. This 116-page practical manual “Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits” is available from Robert Wenzel Verlag and costs 15 euros.