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DiSilva Fruit, part of the Arrowfarms family of companies in the U.S., is promoting its line of cold-pressed citrus juices. The line currently includes Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Tangerine Juice and Lemonade offered in three sizes – 16 oz, 32 oz and 59 oz. The company is offering private label opportunities for partners looking to enter the category or pivot their in-store juicing programs.

DiSilva’s juice is cold pressed and high pressure processed to preserve nutrition, flavor and freshness while eliminating any harmful bacteria. High pressure processing (HPP) technology works by exposing the juice to extreme pressure as opposed to heat. The extreme pressure inactivates microbes while extending shelf life and retaining vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

“We think this is the perfect time to think creatively and strategically about in-store juicing programs” says Nelly Czajkowski of DiSilva Fruit. “Our line provides the same taste and nutrients as fresh squeezed but eliminates not only the food safety risks but the additional labor needed to produce the juice at store level. Plus, its extended shelf life reduces unnecessary waste. It’s a win-win-win.”

Consumer demand for nutritious foods has increased during the coronavirus pandemic, as shoppers look to increase their immunity and overall health. And as the weather turns colder consumers will be looking to increase their vitamin C consumption. DiSilva Fruit’s line of cold-pressed citrus juice makes it possible for stores of all sizes to offer a high quality in store juice program.

The juice line will be available in the fresh produce section along with the rest of the DiSilva Fruit program.