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TOP bv from Wageningen will outsource the sales and marketing of food processing equipment to Like Fresh. All equipment that is produced in series by TOP will be marketed by Like Fresh, starting this week. This will allow TOP to continue to focus on the development of new technologies.

TOP is the innovation organization behind successful introductions such as the Cold Press, Pluckr, PurePulse, Hygienisator and Compact Food Dryer. The demand from the food industry for these technologies is high, as a result of which the equipment is now produced in series. To maintain its unique innovation capabilities, TOP has decided to outsource the marketing of this equipment to Like Fresh.

TOP will continue to focus on the development of highly innovative food processing technologies. In addition, TOP will continue to offer consultancy projects for customers, and provide Like Fresh with the necessary engineering support.

Like Fresh – a sister company of TOP – is a new organization in which years of experience in the food industry has come together. “We offer extensive knowledge of the latest developments in mild preservation and storage of fruit and vegetables”, says Rob Veltman, director. “Like Fresh provides high-quality solutions for producers around the world, such as new process lines or innovative applications within existing processes. In this we work together with the engineers from TOP and other innovation partners.”

TOP bv from Wageningen introduces two larger versions of the Cold Press No.1, the high grade industrial press for the extraction of juices with optimal maintenance of quality.

The Cold Press No.10 and No.20 (CP 10 & 20) are the larger brothers of the successful Cold Press No.1. All three machines operate according to the same mild press principle. Fruit and vegetables are processed in the Cold Press without squashing too many cells and without generating a lot of unwanted heat. These two aspects guarantee a higher quality of the extracted juice compared to other press methods.

The CP1 is already deployed successfully by processors of fruit and vegetables. The introduction of the CP10 and CP20 allow processors to produce juices at a larger scale while preserving the natural nutritional value. The capacity of the CP20 is 1000 liters of juice per hour (600 liters for the CP10). Press bags are emptied automatically and the machine can be operated by one person.