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Instability of fruit-based beverages – clouds, hazes, and sedimentsDuring the production of clear beverages a lot of processes are carried out to reach and maintain stability within the recommended shelf life. Technological processes to avoid haze formation in clear fruit based beverages start normally with an enzyme treatment to degrade pectin and in case of apples and pears also starch with pectinases and amylases. In the juice stage, mechanical treatment steps like flotation, racking, decanting, and centrifugation are used to clarify the product. Additionally, colloidal stabilisation is done with classical fining (gelatin/plant proteins, silica sol, bentonite) or polyphenol removing with active carbon, adsorber resins, or PVPP.

Please feel free and enjoy reading the full article „Instability of fruit-based beverages – clouds, hazes and sediments“ by Prof Dr Frank Will, Jeannette Zacharias, Prof Dr Helmut Dietrich published in the February online edition of FRUIT PROCESSING magazine as a sample free of charge.