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As the industry shifts its focus to the new crop, growing conditions for the next apple season in Poland were initially favourable, with fruit maturation occurring three weeks earlier than usual. However, a cold snap between April 2020-2023 significantly affected the orchards. This freeze occurred while the apple trees were still in bloom, and despite strong flowering, the frost caused damage across all apple varieties.

Following the freeze event in April, Poland experienced a second cold wave in May, accompanied by hailstorms in the latter half of the month. While it is difficult to assess the full extent of the damage, market players estimate the crop yield will be no more than 3 million tonnes, significantly lower than the anticipated 5 million tonnes. Consequently, apple juice concentrate production is expected to be around 200,000 MT for 2024/25 MY, down from 2023/24 MY which was 265,000 MT.

The apple crop in Turkey in the 2024/25 MY is also expected to be smaller year-over-year by at least 15 %, according to market sources. This decrease is attributed to heavy rainfall and lower yields following three years of high yields, with one market player noting that “the trees are tired.” Demand for Turkish apple concentrate has been strong from US buyers in recent months.