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Following the successful launch of Robinsons Benefit Drops last year, the UK’s number one squash brand1 is releasing a full benefits-led range of wellness-focused premium squash, named Robinsons with Benefits. The range features three flavours in a 750 ml format, with each containing a different functional benefit through added vitamins and no added sugar, while still retaining that great Robinsons taste. The range is rolling out in the grocery channel now, and available to the convenience channel in June. Almost two-thirds of shoppers say they are interested in beverages with a broad range of functional, better-for-you benefits2, and the new range will provide a convenient and tasty solution to meet shoppers’ needs for tastier, healthier drinks at home.

The new Robinsons with Benefits range consists of:

  • Robinsons Vitality Peach, Mango & Passion Fruit, boosted with vitamins B3 and D which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Robinsons Immunity Orange & Guava flavoured, boosted with vitamins C & D to support the immune system.
  • Robinsons Boost Raspberry, Strawberry & Acai, boosted with vitamin B6 to help recharge consumers’ batteries.

Ben Parker, Retail Commercial Director at Britvic said: “At a time when over half of consumers have revealed that they want to see healthier soft drinks in retailers’ ranges3, it’s the perfect time for us to expand the Robinsons range further to tap into this growing demand. The latest addition to our popular portfolio will build on the success of last year’s launch of Robinsons Benefit Drops, and aims to make it even easier for young people to enjoy benefit-led squash wherever they may be, at home or on the go.

“This launch follows our recent rebrand of the entire Robinsons range, and aims to offer consumers another premium squash for different occasions, sitting alongside our premium Fruit Creations range. The expansion also aims to help consumers make tastier, healthier choices in line with our long-term Healthier People strategy.

Functional benefits are important to almost three quarters of consumers4, and 68 % of shoppers prefer to get their vitamins from their diet, rather than health supplements5. The rollout of Robinsons with Benefits aims to meet this demand, as well as ensuring that customers have a healthier squash option that still tastes great.

The full Robinsons with Benefits range is available in the grocery channel now, and will be rolling out across the convenience channel from June, and will be supported by in-store and online activations throughout the summer, as well as form part of Robinsons’ Get Thirsty marketing campaign.

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