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FDL, with USD 120 million in projected 2023 sales, offers significant innovation capabilities along with strong presence in USD 900 billion European foodservice channel

ADM, a global leader in human and animal nutrition, announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire UK-based FDL, a leading developer and producer of premium flavour and functional ingredient systems.

FDL, with projected 2023 sales of approximately USD 120 million, operates three production facilities and two customer innovation centers, all in the United Kingdom. The company’s approximately 235 colleagues, which include about 40 dedicated innovation specialists, have created more than 10,000 proprietary flavour formulations that enable accelerated speed to market. FDL’s customers span channels, and include a significant presence in the USD 900 billion European foodservice segment.

ADM is continuing to add to its broad portfolio of flavour ingredients and solutions as it builds a global leader in nutrition. Since acquiring WILD Flavors in 2014, ADM has added multiple new offerings to its flavours portfolio through acquisitions, including dairy via yesterday’s announcement of Revela Foods; savory via Eatem Foods; citrus via Florida Chemical Company and Erich Ziegler Citrus; and vanilla via Rodelle. The company has also expanded its flavours capabilities globally with acquisitions like Flavor Infusion South America; organic investments like its Pinghu, China, flavour production facility and the expansion of its Berlin flavour facility; and its growing network of innovation centers spanning Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. ADM intends to complete the transaction by end of January 2024.

PLM market leader and top regulatory compliance provider team up to create integrated platform to screen ingredients throughout product development lifecycle
Centric Software®, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market leader and FoodChain ID, the leading food safety and regulatory service provider are pleased to announce their partnership to bring enhanced regulatory compliance capabilities to product development. Centric Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to plan, design, develop, source, price and sell food & beverage, cosmetics and consumer products to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

FoodChain ID is trusted by over 30,000 companies across the global supply chain, with technology-enabled solutions and expertise to keep the food and cosmetics supply chain safe and transparent.

The highly controlled industries of Food and Cosmetics require access to trustworthy regulatory information so that the risk of formulation missteps are reduced, especially at the development stage. This saves much time and effort down the line, and notably lessens the chance of dreaded recalls.

Not all PLM platforms have strong formulation capabilities and those that do often rely on manual look-ups or databases pieced together by in-house regulatory compliance teams. The pairing of FoodChain ID’s world-class regulatory libraries and databases driven by the agility of Centric PLM’s formulation, packaging, quality, nutrition, labeling and artwork capabilities gives the food and cosmetics industries the best of both worlds, resulting in a complete formulation and regulatory compliance solution.

Clinton Chadwick, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at FoodChain ID, explains how the association drives accuracy and speed into product development. “What makes this partnership with Centric Software so exciting is the ability to accelerate product innovation with Centric PLM by reducing time-consuming iterations between product development and regulatory compliance teams.” Chadwick adds, “With FoodChain ID’s data sources pulling from over 220 countries, the data quality of our compliance engine is second-to-none.”

Ron Watson, Executive Vice President of Product at Centric Software discusses how much more efficient it is to formulate with FoodChain ID. “Product developers working in Centric PLM can see the immediate impact of ingredient changes against current global regulatory compliance regulations as they are formulating.” For example, when looking at market expansion, the food or cosmetics scientist can evaluate a formula or ingredient against a regulatory threshold level in the target country and then adjust the formula at the development stage if necessary, where ingredient changes will have little negative impact.

Chris Groves, CEO of Centric Software says, “We are overjoyed about our alliance with FoodChain ID. It marries Centric’s technological expertise in food & beverage, cosmetics, beauty and other formulated goods with FoodChain ID’s extensive global databases and stellar reputation in food safety and regulatory compliance. This gives the users of both solutions confidence in formulation and the means to work seamlessly in one platform, driving even more efficiency into product development.”

Reducing sugar levels in everything from carbonated soft drinks and seltzers to dairy shakes has never been a higher priority for beverage brands and their suppliers globally.

Treatt’s sugar reduction capabilities are growing with the introduction of its new Brix Booster products.

The range extension follows the success of the first Brix Booster, and is in response to increasing consumer demand for authentic, sugar-like flavours which meet healthier living needs without compromising on taste.

The expanded range offers unique blends of all natural sweet ingredients, essences and aromas that do not add calories to finished beverages, delivering everything from subtle sugar cane notes, through to bold sugar profiles with rich molasses nuances.

Brix boosting benefits

  • Increases sweetness perception
  • Improves mouthfeel
  • Improves authentic sugar profile when formulating with high intensity sweeteners (HIS)
  • Lifts overall flavour profile of beverage

The Brix Boosters increase the perception of sweetness within a beverage while improving mouthfeel adding a more authentic sugar like profile. Because they contain the volatile aromas from natural sweet foodstuffs that have been specifically selected, they slot into a beverage formulation without disrupting the overall profile.

Rosie Travers, Health & Wellness Category Manager at Treatt comments: “Our Brix Boosters can be used as a sugar flavour ingredient in sugar free, low and reduced sugar formulations, or in conjunction with natural or synthetic high intensity sweeteners. This natural flavour provides an authentic sucrose impression to the sweetness profile. We have seen success across a wide range of applications in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They deliver a sugar-like taste, rounded sweetness, improved mouthfeel, and lasting sugar flavour that works harmoniously within the flavour profile of the beverage.”

Introducing the range: 3 sugar taste profiles for any application

Brix Booster 9884 has a mild sugar flavour profile, reminiscent of unrefined sugar or sugar cane. Works well with flavoured waters, lemonade, citrus and berry flavour beverage applications.

Brix Booster 9885 has a rich sugar flavour profile, reminiscent of light brown sugar. Works well with orangeade, cola, tonic, tropical and berry flavour beverage applications.

Brix Booster 9886 delivers a bold sugar flavour profile, reminiscent of brown sugar with notes of dried fruits and molasses. Works well with iced tea, coffee, cola, ginger beer, brown and robust flavour beverage applications.

Premium fruit and vegetable ingredient supplier SVZ announced a strategic investment for its Belgian processing plant in Rijkevorsel. The latest in a series of global growth and sustainability-focused investments, SVZ seeks to expand the facility’s capacity to meet rising consumer demand for fruit and vegetable ingredients – while also boosting its sustainability credentials.

Growing capacity

Demand for naturally healthy, nutritious ingredients is growing as consumers become more aware of the impact what they consume has on their wellbeing. To fulfil this need, SVZ is investing in the capacity and processing technology required to process larger quantities of fruit and vegetable ingredients on-site without compromising on quality. A new pasteuriser in the plant, for example, will allow its Belgium facility to boost its puree production significantly.

This investment follows similar expansions across SVZ’s global processing plants, as the business meets this heightened demand for fruit and vegetable ingredients. In Poland, for example, the Tomaszów facility’s concentrate line has been bolstered, while SVZ’s US-based plant has not only boosted its puree line but is also investing in new automation technology to streamline the production process even further.

Sustainability first

SVZ’s investment in the Rijkevorsel plant also supports the business’ sustainability efforts – and progress towards its 100 % sustainable sourcing goal. The Belgium facility has seen a massive reduction in CO2 emissions over the last two years – and this new effort will aim to build on this by further decreasing heat consumption and exploring new ways of reusing expended energy within the facility. Indeed, the new pasteuriser will reduce emissions by 19 % – a crucial step in SVZ’s journey to low carbon production.

This new investment also contributes to SVZ’s broader mission of boosting the sustainability credentials of all global processing sites. SVZ’s Spain-based plant in Almonte, for example, has been recently fitted with solar panels, and a new cold storage facility has also been constructed to reduce reliance on third party-storage and transportation. Meanwhile, SVZ’s US processing plant has focused recent investment on water treatment, so water can be cleaned and reused.

Growing better, together

“SVZ has its sights set firmly on the future,” says Pieter Spanjers, CEO at SVZ. “This new investment increases our Rijkevorsel plant’s processing capacity and capabilities to ensure future growth. We are working on an agreement that will significantly increase our sourcing capacity, and we need a facility that allows us to efficiently absorb those heightened volumes, as well as serve our customers while keeping the highest standards of quality.

“We’re passionate about creating a healthier, greener planet and we want to do our part in ensuring it for all generations. This investment will enable us to continue our mission effectively and support our customers in creating tomorrow’s food and beverage products.”

DDW, The Color House, is pleased to announce that on June 28, 2019 it completed a transaction to acquire the DuPont Natural Colors business which was part of DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences division.  The acquisition expands DDW’s global reach and adds technical and manufacturing capabilities in several core natural colors.

DDW adds two DuPont manufacturing facilities (Burton-on-Trent, UK and Santiago, Chile) and all related customer contracts. The expanded business will operate under the “DDW, The Color House” brand. DuPont originally acquired the business in 2017 as part of their acquisition of FMC’s Health & Nutrition business.

“This is the perfect opportunity to expand our portfolio with unique new products and  deepen our position in blending and emulsions. The associates at both sites are very experienced and will ensure that we can continue to provide outstanding products and services during the transition,” explains Ted Nixon, CEO of DDW.