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You’ve never heard of caju fruit? Worry no more! New juice brand ZAVU® is here to sweep you off your feet with the next, hottest superfruits. Promising a simplified juice experience for the U.S. market, ZAVU lets adventurous juice lovers fully relish and absorb the flavor of one exotic fruit at a time. From Brazilian lands to your hands, ZAVU proudly introduces the undiscovered tastes of Caju, Acerola, and Cupuaçu.

Bold and uniquely flavored, these fruits are staples of traditional Brazilian cuisine going back hundreds of years. When blended with organic sweeteners, they create juices that are pure, healthy, certified organic and deliciously tropical. A must-try for bold trendsetters looking to travel through taste.

What the fruit?!
The cool thing about these superfruits is that they’re all vitamin C powerhouses. They’re rich in antioxidants and help our bodies fight against damage, caused by daily stress; lack of sleep; pollution; and the crazy, lifestyle-driven free radicals. Every ZAVU bottle contains over 100 % of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C – which is helpful because our bodies don’t produce vitamin C on their own.

Here is more on each fruit:

It grows on cashew trees in the Northeast Coast of Brazil and is usually discarded in the nut-harvesting process. It looks like an apple, but it is soft, sweet, and tangy on the inside. The locals mash it up to create a super-healthy and invigorating juice.

It is a cherry-like fruit that grows abundantly in arid, Northeastern Brazil. Acerola is harvested at the peak of ripeness for the perfect tart and tangy taste.

It is a creamy, sweet fruit with a delightful hint of chocolate. Cupuaçu is a relative of the cocoa family. It grows in the Amazon rainforest, where locals break the fruit open to enjoy an energizing, caffeine-free snack or drink.

ZAVU was born out of a love story. A boy from the US, a girl from Brazil. One serendipitous encounter in an elevator and life changed for both. In Brazil, he fell for the clean and authentic foods served at the lunch table. An entrepreneur at heart, he decided to share those incredibly delicious and healthy juices with others looking to be transported to the tropics simply through taste. ZAVU signifies their feeling of change, transformation and possibility. For more information, go to