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SIG outlines three new ways to add value to food and beverage producers

To help food and beverage producers meet increasing industry demands, SIG has created three value-adding segments as part of its Value Proposition.

Built around SIG’s new company promise of ‘Excellence – Engineered. Solutions – Delivered’, this dedicated framework allows the company to demonstrate the value it brings to customers and consumers by outlining its core capabilities and solution-driven approach to solving current and future challenges.

With three clearly-defined segments that represent distinct themes within the food and beverage industry, SIG is well placed to help its customers realise opportunities for performing better and growing faster in an ever-changing global and local market.

“Global changes are reinventing the way we live and work,” said Rolf Stangl, CEO of SIG. “Digitalisation, urbanisation, a growing middle class and more on-the-go lifestyles are just some of the megatrends dramatically impacting the food and beverage industry. But these new trends and demands are also creating new opportunities. And together with SIG, our customers can be ready for the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.”

SIG’s three main value-adding segments include Product Innovation & Differentiation, Smart Factory and Connected Pack. Product Innovation & Differentiation means SIG is delivering innovative product and packaging solutions that go beyond standard packaging and enable customers to satisfy ever-changing needs and capitalise on current and future market trends.

Smart Factory, meanwhile, demonstrates how SIG is continually innovating its systems to fully integrate into IoT landscapes and deliver technical services that transform filling plants into connected factories securing the highest efficiency, flexibility and quality for customers.

Finally, Connected Pack outlines how SIG is using new digital coding technologies and unique track-and-trace solutions to ensure 100% connectivity and transparency, as well as greater digital interaction and engagement, within every single pack.

Within these three value-adding segments, SIG has outlined eight key solution areas that cover a range of customer challenges and ambitions as part of a fully customised approach.

“This is an exciting time for SIG as we look to fulfil our new company promise of ‘Excellence – Engineered. Solutions – Delivered’,” added Rolf Stangl. “With our Promise and Value Proposition, SIG is the perfect partner for our customers. We can turn their challenges into opportunities, while translating their ambitions into actionable work packages and solutions. We do this through an intelligent, holistic approach to their business needs. So, with our three ways to add value, we can always be sure of meeting customer needs and helping them realise new opportunities.”